Excellent Android Development Tools Preferred for Every Android App Developer

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As the modern world has changed the way we used to live, mobile applications are taking over the global market and there are new concepts and approaches being introduced. However, among all the operating systems used by mobile applications, Android and iOS sit as the most preferred ones from all the available ones. With 2.6 million Android applications available on the Google Play (Previously known as Android Market), Android surely holds the key to success in the near future.

As the demand for Android application is increased, so the requirement for good and expert Android developer is increasing every day. Experience matters when developing an application but also the tool which is used to develop an application is important as the use of an appropriate tool helps the developer in developing a better application and also eases up the task for them. Among the numerous tools out there used to develop an Android application and choosing the best from them to get your tasks completed is necessary.

Therefore, here is the list of best Android app development tools to use to get your work done excellently and help your developers complete their tasks easily.

Android Studio

The official IDE (Integrated Development Environment) of Android and open-source platform Android Studio features all the necessary functions and functionalities to get the work of Android application development done with efficiency. Android Studio is built on JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA software and supports the rapid development of the application. The latest and stable version of Android Studio is version 3.4 released on 17th April 2019.

It supports operating systems Windows, macOS and Linux. Some of the interesting features of Android Studio includes Gradle-based support, quick fixes (Android Based), Facility to drag-and-drop UI components with a rich editor, Android virtual device (Emulator) to run and test the application and many more.

Android Debug Bridge

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a command line tool often used to connect and communicate with the devices using Android as their operating system. The list of these devices even includes smart TV and set-top boxes! All that is required is that the operating system must be Android. There are basically 3 components that are used in ADB, client, daemon, and server. (Daemon is also called as "adbd").

The client is the computer through which we are passing commands to the connected Android devices and Server is the Android device connected and controlled from the computer. Daemon is the service that is running on both client and server simultaneously. When you write command in Command prompt, Powershell or terminal, the background process starts and the command is delivered to the daemon which runs the command and gives output on server.  ADB is popularly known for easing up the performance of certain functions like installing an application without Google Play, debug the applications, use hidden features and many more. Hence, it is popular in Android developers with its interesting function providing ability.

Android SDK

Android SDK (Software Development Kit) is mandatory for developers to download to craft an excellent Android application that works with the latest versions of Android. It contains all the required libraries, a debugger, API (Application Interface)s, sample source code and tutorials for the operating system. Without installing the Android SDK in your system, it is impossible to develop an application.

Operating systems Windows, macOS and Linux are compatible with Android SDK. It also facilitates third-party add-ons to download and add. With the help of SDK, you can even code the application in the command prompt, however, it is ideal to use the IDE. The recommended IDE with Android SDK is Eclipse with the Android Development Tool (ADT) plugin. However, it is supporting numerous other IDEs whereas it is included in Android Studio IDE by default.


Basic4Android (also known as B4A) is an IDE that supports faster development of Android applications. The programming language used here is very much similar to Visual Basic Language and hence requires the developer to possess knowledge about Visual Basic language also. It is developed by Anywhere Software and the latest stable version of the tool is version 8.0.

Allowing the creation of native Android application in the simpler language (BASIC), Basic4Android has lots to offer to the developers. Supporting wireless debugging and easy to update views as per the developer's choice through a visual editor, it is getting popular among the developers. However, it is advisable to hire ios developer who can code better with Java or Kotlin as these are the most preferred languages for developing an Android application.


MockPlus answers the queries for Android application prototyping with its attractive and easy to use features. The developers can now Prototype an application on this prototyping tool easily than before. Offering App Prototyping library downloading facility and app prototyping sample designs, MockPlus makes it easier to prototype an application by allowing to add interactive functions in it within a snap and also allows easier testing just by scanning a code on Android devices.


Android Integrated Development Environment allows easier development of Android applications for beginners with providing tutorials while the application is being developed. As it allows the development of an application directly on Android devices, the features it includes are of utmost importance as they include support for developing even for the beginners.

AIDE supports the development through Eclipse Project also. It consists of features like real-time error checking, a great visual editor, and even supports the application development with C/C++ and Android NDK. It is the best tool for the beginners as it provides interactive tutorials and you can also test your code directly on your Android devices.


Stetho is an open-source debug library developed by the team of Facebook. It allows access to Chrome Developers tools which is of great help to the developers which allows debugging task performed excellently. It contains the features like inspection of the network, database and also JavaScript console.


LeakCanary is a tool used to detect the memory leak from the Android application you have developed. It is developed by square and offers the facility of finding memory leak by continuously running in the background when you are testing the application. It is also known as a library for memory leak detection in Android and Java.

These are a few of the most preferred and popular tools for developers to develop the best application in the market. As experience is the father of wisdom, the more you get known to the Android development task the more you will learn about it and can craft a better app than before with using the learned strategies and methods. Therefore, with the use of these excellent tools and the knowledge of the developer an excellent application is crafted which works superb and achieves success in this competitive market.

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