Evolution of silver jewellery – steps to prevent tarnishing

by Dws Jewellery Jewelry Manufacturer
During civilisation period, there was an infatuation on silver among men and women. Over the era, this mystic white metal has been used for celebrations and special occasions. In 3100 b.c. it is noted that Egyptian rules received silver gifts from Crete ambassadors. This metal is widely marked in olden literature by Spanish writer Cervantes who wrote that every child is not born with a silver spoon indicating the value of the metal those days. Also dates back, Germany had a custom that every man should gift silver to his wife on their 25th anniversary. 

Silver that is naturally available on Earth cannot be used for making jewellery because of its softness and malleability. Thus alloying this precious metal with copper makes it durable and strengthens its properties. This metal is usually called as the 925 sterling silver, and it is used by designers because it is low cost and can easily craft it into valuable jewellery, which is called 925 silver jewellery. On buying these jewels, one should be aware of how to identify its originality. The federal trade commission FTC has assigned a set of marking to ensure proper quality. This stamp is called trademark, and for silver, it is 925 sterling silver. Every single design available in DWS Jewellery is hallmarked with the label 925 or sterling as per FTC. Also, the pricing of silver article, gifts and jewellery depends on the design, quality of metal used and the designer's craftsmanship.

Everyone loves silver jewellery because of its elegant and simple look. The one reason which makes us avoid wearing it is due to its tarnishing effect. When the metal comes in contact with air becomes oxidized to form silver oxide due to the presence of alloys in it, thereby causing tarnish. This makes the jewellery or article look dirty and old. Luckily, this can be avoided by following a few simple instructions. Wearing a piece of jewel often or using an article regularly tarnishing can be avoided. Direct sunlight, cosmetics, perfumes, sunbathing, etc. can cause corrosion and tarnish on the surface of the jewel. Wearing them later after makeup can avoid them come in contact with chemicals. 

Storing this jewellery also plays an essential role in avoiding tarnish. Always store these products and jewellery in a dry and dark place. Try storing them in anti-tarnishing bags and always store each jewellery separately. Silver being soft metal. This will prevent damage and scratches. Placing a chalk piece or a silicon gel packet along with the silver jewellery is proven to minimize tarnishing. Use soft cloths and tissues to polish the surface often which reduces tarnish. Keep in mind not to scratch the metal off when cleaning. Silver-plated jewellery should not be polished regularly to remove the coating. Also, there is a professional polisher who will remove tarnish and make your jewellery new as it was in the beginning. Never wear these jewellery items in chlorinated water this will cause corrosion of the metal.

925 rings are made with the best craftsmanship and engraved with precious gems. When worn, these rings make your hand look classy and adorable. What about a thin short chain suspended with a peacock pendant makes one look gorgeous and stunning. This will be perfect for an office wear collection. A simple floral pattern silver bracelet makes your hand speak the world. All these collections are available exclusively in DWS Jewellery. Don't wait to grab all of these at once. Shop in DWS Jewellery and become a fashion freak. 

Often wearing and caring silver jewellery makes it retains its preciousness. These jewels can be gifted to your dear ones and also during special occasions. This will make them cherish the moment with unforgettable memories.

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