Everything You Should Know After Buying An Electric Bicycle

by Divya Khanna Marketing Consultant

Are you looking forward to riding your e-bike around? When buying your first e-bike, it's crucial to understand what kind of rider you are. Once you have already bought an e-bike, it is crucial to consider some points to consider. Maintenance is a pre-requisite; let us check all you need to take care of in an e-bike.

The battery of an e-bike

Any electric bike's lifeblood is its battery. Understanding your e-bike’s battery is critical to ensuring a long-lasting bike and a comfortable ride. Ensure that the battery of your e-bike passes all safety tests and is touted as the best on the market. Choosing smart chargers and smart battery Management systems can be a good option. These two functions work together to extend the life of your battery. Depending on the amount of use, a battery can last anywhere between five and eight years.

The more you understand about E-bike batteries and battery ranges, the better you'll be able to look after your bike and ensure its longevity!

Understanding battery range will improve your biking experience

The distance a bike may travel before the battery dies is called ‘battery range’. Take note of this information if you don't want to be caught off guard with a dead battery midway through your journey.

It could be due to mode settings, tyre pressure, pace, terrain, or rider weight if your bike's battery range is short. The pedal-assist level you're utilising on your e-bike could also be draining it. Your battery will drain faster if you increase the pedal-assist level. This system's first level gives the motor 20% help.

The second level provides 40% pedal assistance. The highest level, level five, allows you to use all of the motor's power to help you pedal. The length of your battery life. When you're planning a longer ride, make sure your battery is fully charged.

Do you want to bike faster and for longer periods?

Knowing how to improve the battery range is vital if you want to maximise your e-bike. Before each ride, double-check that your battery is fully charged. Riding in pedal-assist mode will save your battery and let you go further.

Check your e-bike's and brakes regularly to ensure they're in good operating order. This is also important for bike’s safety. To avoid wearing down your battery, keep an eye on how much weight you're carrying and prefer riding slowly and softly.

Maintenance of e-bike’s battery

Batteries, like anything else, will lose capacity over time. It is critical to take care of your battery in order to extend its life. For at least 500 discharge/recharge cycles, a well-maintained lithium-ion new electric bike’s battery will keep up to 70% of its capacity.

If your range starts to dwindle, it's time to get a new battery. For additional information on purchasing a replacement battery, contact your local e-bike dealer. Installing a new battery is simple, fast, and easy, allowing you to be back to cruising the streets on your favourite electric two-wheeler in no time.

Frequently asked questions about e-bikes

E-bikes have been around for over a century, yet the general public is still unfamiliar with them. When first-time customers contact an e-bike’s battery, they frequently ask the same questions. We've compiled a list of the eight most often asked questions about cruisers and provided answers for the same.

1. What is the top speed of an average e-bike?

With the 1250 watt motor and pedal assist, the best e-bikes may reach speeds of up to 28 mph. The speed is determined by the rider's weight and load, as well as the weather.

2. Is it difficult to set up an e-bike?

Most of the e-bikes arrive fully assembled and ready to ride. All you have to do now is pick your customisations and leave the rest to our team of builders.

3. What kind of upkeep should I anticipate?

Before riding your e-bike, inspect your wheels just like you would before driving a car. A professional tune-up is also recommended once every six months.

4. Are there any health benefits of riding an e-bike?

Yes, you are still moving your legs, even if it is pedal-assisted. E-bikes allow you to ride for longer periods while putting less stress on your body and providing the same health benefits. You can ride it for long hours and thereby strengthen your bones, burn excessive cholesterol, improve your heartbeat and shed some calories. So, although you will be working out, you won't feel like performing a lot of strenuous activity.

To preserve your e-bike from premature wear, store it indoors. Extended exposure to severe conditions such as humidity and cold weather might harm some sections.

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