Everything you need to know about treating chronic sinus infections

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Summary: The article talks about the various tips that can help you in treating chronic sinus infections.

The common cold is one problem that might be just another infection due to the weather, but it makes your life a little inconvenient. When the cold gets worse, you start feeling a lot irritated and frustrated and you feel like that is it for you. While cold might feel normal to you, in worst-case scenarios, it turns into a sinus infection. If you are suffering from a sinus infection, then the symptoms of it will be prevalent even after the upper respiratory infection is gone.

A person who suffers from a sinus infection gets to know the difference between cold and sinus infection. Sinusitis or the sinus pressure is not a new infection nowadays; the pollution has made more people indulge in it.

However, if you suffering from recurrent sinus headache and infections, it’s time you see an ear, nose and throat specialist.


The symptoms of a sinus infection

The following are the symptoms that follow the sinus infection:

•    A very high fever of 101 degrees Fahrenheit or higher

•    Greenish yellowish nasal discharge

•    Severe pain in your face or the upper teeth

•    Severe headache in your forehead

•    The cold symptoms that last longer than 10 days

•    Congestion or severe pain in your sinuses

•    Cough that causes a post nasal drip in the back of your throat


Find out whether your infection is acute or chronic

It is very important that you find out whether you are suffering from a short-term sinus infection or a long-term one. The short-term sinus infection is called acute sinusitis and it lasts for up to four weeks. If your sinus lasts longer than 12 weeks then you are probably suffering from chronic sinusitis.


The various causes of sinus infection

If you suffer from sinus infection very frequently, then it is important that find its causes so that you can treat it effectively. Acute sinusitis is caused by bacterial infections or viral infections, and it usually develops some days after you’ve had a cold or flu. As for acute sinus infections, they take time for developing its symptoms over time. Chronic sinus infections are caused due to:

           It can result due to the problems in the physical structure of your sinuses like the nasal polyps, narrow sinuses or deviated septum.

           Due to allergies like hay fever that can cause serious inflammation.

           Sinus pain can arise due to certain medical conditions like asthma, gastroesophageal reflux disease, human immunodeficiency virus, cystic fibrosis or primary immune deficiency disease.


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