Everything you need to know about the factors defining the surrogacy cost in India

by Deepak Kumar Surrogacy Centre India
Generally, you perform surrogacy under a legal contract. The surrogate mother and the intended parents sign the agreement under the supervision of attorneys and the surrogacy centre. To know about the surrogacy cost in India, it’d be prudent to know about the fundamentals first.

  • There are two types of surrogacies, gestational surrogacy, and altruistic surrogacy. The latter is a treatment, wherein a surrogate agrees to bear the baby sans getting any monetary reward for the same.
  • In this case, the parents only provide the transportation and medical expenses of the surrogate female throughout the pregnancy.
  • It’s undoubtedly a very cost-effective procedure for willing parents as it reduces legal problems.

The other aspects
In gestational surrogacy, you hire a surrogate and sign an agreement with the potential surrogate female. Depending on your requirements and bandwidth, gestational surrogacy is one of the most viable options for couples who are coping with contradictions. Couples who cannot conceive naturally can go for gestational surrogacy.

  • Under this procedure, parents need to undergo In vitro fertilization. After the fertilization process, the doctor successfully transfers the eggs to the surrogate’s uterus.
  • Do note that the surrogacy cost in India largely depends on the medical experts performing the procedure.
  • Some of them have been the chairpersons or directors of premier Infertility treatment centres.

Assurance is the key
You can judge the surrogacy cost in India from the fact that a clinic’s live baby rates and clinical pregnancy rates are the same. You can find six out of ten couples having a child in their first attempt.
  • The clinics ensure that right after your pregnancy, you get the best care and nourishment. This goes out to all the females planning to become surrogates in the imminent future.
  • The esteemed centres believe that every patient deserves the right to get the most extensive and top-class treatment at the most cost-effective rate.
  • That’s precisely how they have designed their surrogacy packages.

Know the difference
In sharp contrast to other hospitals or clinics that quote or estimate only the treatment cost and then charge sky-high rates for freezing, medications, consultations, and tests, the centres are very different.
  • They have a one-rate package that covers all the elements you read above. They provide you with the assurance that they will not provide hidden surprises or extra charges.
  • In most of these clinics, the average surrogacy cost in India is Rs 1,080,000-Rs 1,760,000.
  • For IVF, you need to pay around Rs 1, 14,000-Rs, 2, 54,000.
  • An IUI procedure will cost you around Rs 6,000-Rs 44,000.

More on the costing
A surrogate mother cost around Rs 2, 00,000-Rs 5, 00,000. Apart from the mainstream surrogacy services, the clinics provide infertility treatments, ICSI, IUI, and IVF. The fertility success rate is 70% in this region. If you check the ratings and reviews, you’ll see it's 4.6-4.8 in most cases, which is just peerless.

Although the cheapest surrogacy in India and especially Delhi is between Rs 1, 00, 6100-Rs 2,03,5500, there are fertility centers in some cities that charge Rs 1, 09, 9950-Rs 2,01,2000. You can also check the assured surrogacy programs. Most of them are within Rs 10 lakhs.

Breakdown of the programs
The first payment is four lakhs. You need to give it for IVF treatment, embryo development, egg retrieval, embryo transfer, embryo freezing, treatment medication, PGS, and the cost of the surrogate mother. It will also include surrogacy booking and the registration amount.

The second installment is two lakhs. You pay it after achieving positive pregnancy and hearing the baby’s heartbeat. You will then pay the payment to the surrogate mother. In the 18th week, you pay another two lakhs. The amount a surrogate mother in this country charges is around Rs 5-6 lakhs.

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