Everything You Need To Know About Social Media Marketing Strategy?

by John Kevin Digital Marketing Enthusiast

You might be posting on your social media accounts just for the sake of posting. It may not be as effective because you do not have a strategy as of now. Posting without knowing your target audience and what they expect from your brand is irrelevant. To achieve outstanding results, you need a social media marketing strategy. This will allow you to run campaigns and evaluate how it is going.

Make specific plans and stick to it to skyrocket your business and enhance your growth exponentially. When it comes to social media, there is no right or wrong as it all varies from account to account. People’s needs, expectations and views keep on changing rapidly and it is vital to keep up with them. If you are looking to conquer social media then here are some points that may help you achieve it.

Why Do You Want A Social Media Strategy?

According to script consultants, you cannot grow your business or brand on any social media platform if you do not have a strategy for each platform.

Start by asking yourself this question: why does your brand need a bold reputation online? You may want to drive more traffic to your website, increase brand popularity or generate leads. Narrow down a few points that are your topmost priority and focus entirely on them.

Whether it is promoting your products or serving customers, a good social media marketing plan will help in doing it all.

Understand that your content may not be suitable for all social media platforms. While users may be interested in your ads on Instagram, they can ignore it on platforms like Snapchat or vice versa. Pay special attention to your social media channel choices.

Know Your Target Audience

The most essential key to any strategy is knowing your audience. Create content according to the interests of your audience so that they engage in your posts. This is the only effective way of turning strangers into followers and then loyal customers.

From age, location, preferences, industry to average income, you should know this all about your audience. Check out the favorite social media platforms of your users and also see when they search for content that you can provide.

A brand should know if their audience is interested in videos, posts or articles. All these things matter a lot while social media strategic planning. Never rely on assumptions and always check the facts. The data will provide you with better insights that will help you in creating the best strategy for your brand.

When you will know the audience you wish to target, your posts will only attract those who are genuinely interested. Save your time and focus your energy on the right kind of crowd.

What and Where Are You Going To Share?

Another essential thing is to decide the type of content you will be posting. Try to have multiple themes on your feed so that your audience does not get bored with repetitive content. For instance, if yours is a fashion brand then focus on keeping your audience updated with the latest trends. Some pages try to indulge in memes which are relevant to their brand to entertain their audience. You can opt for such tactics too and create a social media marketing strategy.

Next, consider the number of social media platforms you would like to be on. It is absolutely fine if you wish to be on one platform or multiple ones. This factor again goes back to the target audience. You have to figure out first on which social media platforms your target audience is the most active.

For instance, the millennials are very active on Instagram and they like to browse new stuff there. Since social media is constantly evolving, you can post photos, videos or articles on a single platform itself. It may sound difficult at first but going through the process step by step will help you.


Constantly evaluate your social media strategy to keep a track of everything. See what is working the best and what is not working at all. When you run several social media campaigns, you will get a hang of it. Check what type of content is gaining the most engagement and create more of it. You will get to know more about your target audiences with such audits.

This will also let you know if your social media presence is getting stronger or not. If not, then there may be some flaws with your marketing strategies so take the hint and start improving them.

See to it that the audience you targeted is regularly checking your social media accounts and keeping up with your campaigns. Also, inspect how your audience is using your platform and if it is serving your purpose or not.

Setting Guidelines

Your team is going to represent the band so ensure that everyone is on the same page. Have a set of guidelines that your team members will follow to avoid any controversies. Maintain quality across the brand's conversations to keep a promising image.

Plus, make it clear on which topics your brand would like to speak about and what topics are to be ignored. Post original content only or credit the original source while reposting.


Focus on the results you want to achieve. Do you wish to make your images or videos be shared? Or do you want the customers to visit your website? Decide the goals that wish to attain and build a social media marketing plan accordingly. Great results are promised only if your audience can relate to your posts.


Always be ahead in the competition by indulging in the trends. All the current events gather a great deal of attention from users across various social media platforms. Take advantage of this by actively participating and keeping up with the trends. Again, remember that your brand does not get caught up in any controversies so set the lines beforehand.

Influencer Programs

Reaching out to influencers for brand promotion is always a good idea. This way you can reach a bigger audience and even gain the trust of the influencer’s fanbase. If you want to amplify your engagement then this is probably the most important part of social media strategy template.

When To Post?

The time in posting matters equally and you can get this information by gathering data about your target audience. See when they are the most active and post your pictures or videos in that particular time frame to receive maximum visibility as well as engagement.


Check if your competitors are dominant on the social media platform that you wish to conquer. You can either create strategies to divert your competitor’s audience to your brand or look for a platform where your targeted audience is underserved. Moreover, you will have to put fewer efforts on platforms where there is no dominant brand.

Final Words

These were some tips on how to create a social media marketing strategy. Create strategies, evaluate and test them and repeat it all over again. Find what maximizes your engagement and do it more.

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