Everything You Need To Know About Peyronie’s Disease

by Marco Willian Sexual Men's Health
Peyronie’s Treatment Columbus concludes that people suffering from this disease may have sexual intercourse, but for some, it can be a painful experience and can further cause erectile dysfunction. Well, depending upon the symptoms or plaque inside the penis, one can opt for Peyronie’s Disease Treatment in Columbus, OH.

What is Peyronie’s disease? 

It is a penis problem that occurs due to scar tissue, known as plaque. Plaque is formed inside the penis. Rather than an erect or straight penis, Peyronie’s disease causes a bent to the penis. One finds trouble in having a straight erection if the plaque occurs inside the penis.

Why this underlying condition occurs?

Though Peyronie’s Treatment Columbus does not know why this underlying condition of men’s sexual health occurs but numerous researchers conclude that the fibrous plaque can start after a trauma like hitting or bending of the penis, which can further cause bleeding inside the penis. Usually, people do not notice the change in their penis erection, but if ignored and does not go for Peyronie’s Disease Treatment in Columbus, OH, then it can be a worse situation further. One can face an underlying medical condition like erectile dysfunction, or it can be a very uncomfortable or painful experience while having physical intimacy with your partner. There can be a possibility that the cause of Peyronie’s disease is genetic, which may develop over time. There are many cases in which both the injuries and genes could be involved in this condition of men’s sexual problems. The specialist provides a list of medications with consumption of those there can be side effects, which results in the cause of Peyronie’s disease. But there is no robust evidence that proves these drugs cause the condition.

People, who are more prone to have Peyronie’s disease?

This condition mostly occurs in middle-aged men, but younger and older men can also get it. Often Peyronies disease is more common as a man gets older. Please note, it is not a normal part of aging.


Let us be clear, symptoms may develop slowly, or it can suddenly appear overnight. When the penis is not firm or erected, you can see the problem. But in severe cases, the hardened plaque hampers flexibility, due to which a person can feel severe pain results in bending of the penis, and it may look like an arc when erect. Mostly the pain eases with time, but the bending of the penis can worsen. In some cases, men with the condition develop scar tissue elsewhere in the body like on the hands or feet. Men with Dupuytren’s contractures get more likely scarring on hand that further affects fingers, seem to be more likely to get Peyronie’s.

How to diagnose Peyronie’s disease?

Go to a Peyronie’s Disease Treatment in Columbus, OH, discuss every single detail, such as an injury that happened before the symptoms started. You will get a thorough examination before the Peyronie’s Treatment Columbus, in which a Peyronie’s disease specialist will feel the hardened tissues caused due to the disease during the check-up of the penis. It is not always necessary, but if anyone is not able to achieve a firm erection, then the doctor has to inject a medicine to make that happen. There are some possibilities that you may have to go through the x-ray or ultrasound of the penis.

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