Everything You Need To Know About Ceramics

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Ceramics made a fabulous entry in the manufacturing industry years ago and has managed to expand its applications to the health-care, construction, and automotive industry. We all are surrounded by ceramic products. Most of the electronic devices, vehicle components, and cutting tools are ceramic-based. They have established themselves as an integral part of our everyday life. No other synthetic material has been able to replace ceramics in a very long time.

Advanced engineering ceramics have earned their position because of their excellent properties. It is primarily composed of oxides, nitrides, and carbides. Ceramic products are extremely hard and possess excellent chemical inertness. The strong ionic bond between its constituents accounts for its low ductility. They have low electrical and thermal conductivity, which is the main reason for their nationwide popularity. They are excellent for applications that require high quality thermal and electrical insulation. Most ceramics are non-magnetic in nature and are resistant to water. They have very high melting points, which makes them resistant to heat variations.

The manufacturing process of ceramics is not very straightforward. There are several steps between the processing of raw materials to the final glazing of ceramic products. In order to get the right color, texture, and physical strength, it is important to mix the raw materials in the right amount. The properties exhibited by ceramic products depend largely on the ratio of their constituents. The raw materials are mixed, ground, dried, and then finally glazed. Several by-products are produced during the manufacturing process, which can be used for other applications. The release of harmful pollutants should also be taken care of by the manufacturers. Professional ceramic parts manufacturers use statistical process control throughout the manufacturing process and meet the standards set by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Traditional ceramics have a plethora of applications, whereas advanced engineering ceramics are used in very specific cases. Customized ceramic lined equipment is used in aerospace shuttles. Ceramics are ideal for applications requiring materials that can survive extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions. The machines and tools used in the construction industry are made of traditional ceramics. The insulation of generators and transformers is often made of ceramic-based products. Even the coal and power industry largely relies on ceramic-based products. Ceramics are widely used in components of automobiles that are not visually accessible. Owing to these properties, the ceramic-based products are highly reliable and durable. Their performance can be optimized as per the requirements by the addition of certain compounds. Ceramics are the key reason for the rise of the automation industry. The ceramic products have replaced plastic, metals, and exotic alloys that were earlier used for high-temperature applications.

People involved in the manufacturing industry understand the importance of customized ceramic lined fabrications. There are several businesses that supply customized ceramic products according to the needs of the customers. Switching to ceramic-based products can improve the overall performance of a manufacturing plant. If you want to improve the operational performance of your equipment, approach an experienced ceramic parts manufacturer offering products like a ceramic circuit board to upgrade your system.

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