Everything You Need To Know About Anti-Glare Film for Windows

by Barry Cornish Professional Window Film Installers

Anti Glare Film for Windows - Anti-Glare Film Q and A

Have you ever desired to keep your building's curtains or blinds open throughout the day to embrace natural light, only to find the glare too overwhelming? Anti-glare window film provides a solution, allowing you to invite sunlight and enjoy uninterrupted views throughout the day without causing discomfort to individuals working on computers or engaging in other tasks.

What Is an Anti-Glare Window Film?

Anti-glare film is a specialized sun control window film crafted to diminish sun-induced glare infiltrating through windows. These films manage excessive sunlight, enabling one to relish the invigorating aspects of natural light indoors.

Particularly advantageous for areas abundant in exterior windows, anti-glare window film proves invaluable for individuals working on computers, which inherently reflect significant glare. The film facilitates unobstructed screen visibility, mitigating eye strain for employees.

For example, glare control window film finds optimal application in glass office buildings and towering skyscrapers, where mitigating glare stands as a crucial concern for occupants engaged in office tasks.

How does anti-glare film work?

Window film refers to a flexible, self-adhering coating made of polyester, applicable to both the interior and exterior surfaces of windows and various glass areas.

Diverse types of window films are tailored to specific functions, addressing various needs. Examples include films altering glass performance, like anti-glare sun control film, and those primarily serving aesthetic purposes, such as decorative window films.

Anti-glare solar window film consists of numerous microscopically thin layers of plastic-based material. These layers selectively reflect specific light frequencies while permitting others to pass through, effectively reducing glare while maintaining a controlled influx of natural sunlight.

In essence, glare-reducing window films present a compelling alternative to traditional curtains and blinds. They consistently counteract sunlight glare during the day, enabling individuals within a space to work in natural light and enjoy exterior views.

The inherent advantages of anti-glare window film extend beyond practical functionality. Access to natural light and views of the outdoors has been proven to alleviate stress and anxiety while also boosting productivity in the workplace. Consequently, the benefits of anti-glare window film hold considerable value for businesses and their employees.

Does anti-glare film change the way your windows look?

The appearance of your windows post-window film installation is contingent upon the specific film you select.

Various options are available for anti-glare film, each presenting distinct aesthetic finishes and unique performance characteristics.

For instance, the 3M Prestige series sun and glare control window films are transparent with low reflectivity, imparting a minimal impact on the glass's appearance.

Should you desire a more pronounced transformation of your building's windows, perhaps as part of a facade re-imaging project, you might consider a highly reflective glare-blocking window film.

During daylight hours, these reflective films bestow a mirrored exterior look on your building, maintaining interior visibility. Essentially, they create a one-way mirror effect.

To sum up, glare-blocking window films offer the flexibility to alter the appearance of your properties to varying degrees, aligning with your aesthetic preferences and goals.

Are there any other benefits of installing anti-glare window film?

Glare reduction window films offer more than just glare control; they can effectively manage various aspects of solar light and heat, enhancing the overall performance of your building's glass.

Additional benefits of glare-reducing window film include:

  • Blocking up to 99.9% of damaging UV rays (protecting furnishings from fading)

  • Reflecting up to 97% of infrared light (the heat we feel)

  • Increasing indoor comfort

  • Reducing the reliance on air conditioning

  • Improving window energy efficiency

The details above highlight that there are multiple reasons to install anti-glare sun control film beyond glare reduction.

High-performance sun-blocking window films, exemplified by products like 3 M's Prestige series, can deliver all the mentioned advantages. These films not only enhance the comfort of building occupants working within leased office spaces but also contribute to significant savings on utility bills.

If you're constantly running AC to keep indoor spaces cool, installing solar-blocking window film is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce solar heat gain through your windows and make your building more energy-efficient.

Types of properties that can benefit from glare reduction window film:

  • Office buildings

  • Banks

  • Government facilities

  • Hospitality businesses

  • Luxury retailers

  • Hospitals

  • Anywhere where glare, comfort, and energy efficiency are concerns

Anti-Glare Film Installation

As glare-reducing window film is directly applied to your existing windows and other glass surfaces, there is no requirement to remove or replace any of the glass.

This installation process is notably straightforward and minimally disruptive. In the context of commercial applications, window film installation can typically be carried out during evenings or weekends, effectively avoiding any disturbance to building tenants during regular business hours.

How long does glare-blocking film last after installation?

Contemporary glare-reducing window films, exemplified by brands like 3M, are backed by a 15-year warranty, and their actual lifespan often extends beyond two decades. The durability of window film is influenced significantly by the prevailing climate conditions.

Given that anti-glare film is commonly installed on the interior surfaces of windows, it has the potential to surpass the manufacturer's warranty. Additionally, there are exterior-grade window films engineered to endure various weather elements over an extended period.

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