Everything One Needs To Know About Thuốc Podophyllin

by Jayson Bernad Enthusiastic Blogger and Writer

Even before the disease was discovered the medicines were already available to humans through nature. And thus, with advanced researches in the medical sciences, humans have been able to find almost the cure to every disease, and every medicine owes its production to nature and frees not just the humans but also the animals from almost every sort of pain.

Overview of podophyllin

Podophyllum is a plant, whose root and the stem underground, is also known as podophyllin is used for making medicines. Direct consumptions of Podophyllum is poisonous, even after knowing this there are some people who take it orally, in the hope that it cures yellow skin, and helps in liver alignment, fever, syphilis, hearing issues and also to counteract, snakebites, some women take it to cause an abortion.

Podophyllum drug is also known as thuốc podophyllin has been used as a purgative which means it tends to stimulate, but being poisonous it has been removed for the markets just for the sole reason of safety.

Podophyllum is applied directly to the skin for removal of both warts, the plantar and genital warts, it can also be used for curing white patches on the tongue in those people with weakened immunity system, and also helps in for corns.

Uses of thuốc podophyllin

There is no medicine that comes with uses or significance even the ones with most side effects have some basic benefits, but when it comes to thuốc podophyllin the significance and the number of benefits clearly outnumber the side effects. Given below are a few uses of podophyllum.

·         Genital warts: applying this med from 10 to 25% suspension in the tincture of benzoin, or from 2% to 4% gel directly, on the affected areas surely helps in removing warts which are caused by human papillomavirus.

·         Corns: It has been proved by the researches that if applied with a specific product containing cantharidin, salicylic acid, and 5% podophyllum resin after the removal of corn can help a person get cleared without getting permanent scars.

·         White patches on tongue: those people who get white patches on their tongue due to the weak immune system can use 25% thuốc podophyllinresin in tincture of benzoin at the affected area is most likely to heal wounds caused by hairy leukoplakia, in just a single use of it. Other researches also show that adding acyclovir cream to 25% podophyllum resin is more benefitting alone than resin alone.

·         Cancer: it is unsure that it cures cancer too, but it is believed and hard confirmation is still awaited.

·         Liver problems: there is insufficient evidence that this thuốc podophyllin can cure liver problems and again solid evidences are awaited.


It is highly recommended that the women must not use this med if they are pregnant or breastfeeding as there have been many cases, in which the mother’s use of this med killed the child within her or the child was born with defects, also it is poisonous to be taken by mouth hence precaution is needed.

Before using thuốc podophyllin, asignificant amount of care is needed or can be disastrous, but it comes with benefits which should be carefully availed.

Thuốc sùi mào gà Also known as the most effective podophyllin drug, is trusted by all customers, with many benefits, safety, savings, convenience and security, reasonable price, and wide use worldwide.

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