Essential Vitamins need for Our Body

by Souporno Ghosh Student

Once you hear about the food your mind thinks about it's healthy or not? Some people are very conscious about their health & on the other hand, some love their food. But nowadays healthy eating is important for everyone. Foods have consists of Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat & Vitamins & Minerals. All of these substances are equally important for our immunity, growth & energy. 

Vitamins are very essential for everyone & different types of vitamins play different roles in our bodies. Most vitamins come from foods. But sunlight is the main source of vitamin D. A small portion of vitamins can improve any kind of health issue. So, the dietitian prefers to include on diet for health reasons.

Now we discuss vitamins & their benefits:-


Vitamin -A improves our eyesight, skin. Vitamin -A deficiency can cause eye problems. It is also good for the kidney, heart & other body parts. 

Food Source:  Carrot, Spinach, Mango, Sweet potato, Broccoli, Egg, Milk & many more.

Vitamin-B Complex

There are various types of vitamins like- Vitamin-B1, B2, B3 & Vitamin B12. This vitamin helps to boost our energy, fight against protein deficiency, improve digestion. Vitamin b is very essential for pregnant women.

Food Source: Whole grains, bananas, Beans & Potatoes, Egg Chicken.


Most popular vitamins nowadays. It’s good for skin, builds immune system & its antioxidant helps to reduce skin aging & increase your skin glow.

Food Source: Orange, grapefruits, red, green pepper, strawberry, Broccoli.

Vitamin- D

Mainly it comes from sunlight. It helps to stronger our bones. Vitamin-D deficiency can cause heart problems, rickets. 

Food Source: Sunlight, Eggs, Fish Etc.


Vitamin E improves blood circulation. Without vitamin E, you can’t absorb Vitamin-A. So this vitamin plays a vital role in our body. It also benefits our skin aging. 

Food Source: Nuts & seeds are the main sources of vitamin E. Almond is high contains vitamin E.


This vitamin helps to clot blood & improve our bone health. Vitamins -K reduces bone fractures, blood pressure which decreases your heart problems. 

Food Source: Spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, cereals, meat, fish & eggs.

So try to include these vitamins in your diet & reduce your all kind of health issues. Understand your deficiency & choose vitamins wisely. If you are unable to choose, consult with your dietitians about this. Hope vitamins makes you fit & healthy.

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