Essential Queries Related To Wet Carpet Issue

by Mike P. Roofing Contractor

First we have to understand what is this wet carpet issue? During the time of floods when excess water enters inside your house and damages the carpets on the floor, it is considered as the wet carpet. This excess of liquid inside your house can probably damage your expensive stuff as well as cause you soothe serious health issues. In simple words we can say that the wet carpeting is responsible for exposing allergens, dander and mold to the air. People with low immunity are easy to catch prey for such issues.

So, let’s discuss a few queries that are relate to this problem and people often ask us the same.

How long it is going to take the molds grow in wet carpet?

When it comes to the laboratories, it takes approximately 24 to 4 hours for the molds to grow under perfect atmosphere and ideal temperature. So, after calculating this, we can say that the process will take the same time at your place too as both the atmosphere and temperature will be according to their need.

Is it true that moulds can make you sick?

Yes, it is very much true that mold in your house can be the reason of your sickness, especially when you have a weak immune system, allergy from dust, pollen grains & etc or asthma. The presence of such harmful bacteria in air can easily irritate your lungs, nose, throat and eyes. So, it’s better to be on the safer side and prevent your home from mold infection. You can follow all the important steps to avoid Wet carpet in Brisbane.

Is wet carpet life threatening?

Well, not all kinds of mold infestation can be lie threatening but yes, Stachybotrys is one such kind that is specifically related to wet carpet in Brisbane and can cause severe health issues in adults and death in infants. So, it can be concluded that both adults and infants are at high risk because of mold infestation.

Can I dry my wet carpet completely at home?

You can try it at home but I am not sure that you can get 100% results. You can place the towels on the floor so that they can soak the liquid. Just walk up on those or take little jumps till the towels are saturated. Also, you can use the vacuums to dry the carpet. Well in both the cases, you have to encourage the liquid to evaporate. In case, you failed the attempts, you can try to hire some goo processionals that can do this job at your house. These people are expert at such tasks and they know how to make your house mold free. They will dry up the entire space with their large dryer machines and let you breathe in clean atmosphere.

So, all you need to do is to visit their website and request for a free inspection. I am sure you will be in safe hands.



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