Essential Nutrients Required In Old Age People

by Kanan James NGO INDIA
Adults experience changes in their lifestyle and appetite because of which they are not able to get a diet full of essential nutrients and vitamins. Aged people start eating less and are reluctant in going to the kitchen for cooking which makes them deprived of the important minerals and fibres. Due to this reason, senior citizens become unwell and develop chronic illness. When a person starts ageing, there are changes in the metabolism and bowel movements, which impacts the overall digestion process. Age affects how the body reacts to processed food items, which is why aged people are unable to digest several food items. It is of utmost importance for adults to eat healthy food items to fulfil all the nutritional needs required by the body. 

Elderly health care services are aware of the nutritional requirements of aged individuals and prescribe a type of diet which covers all the essential nutrients and vitamins. A diet for senior citizens should include the following nutrients:

Include Vitamin B12 - An adult body stops producing enough stomach acid which is required to break down the vitamins from the body, as a result of which, deficiency arises. Eating food items such as fish, eggs and milk products can be a great source for Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 supplements can also benefit the adults if the vitamin is not absorbed directly from the food eaten. This vitamin is important for creating red blood cells, DNA, and maintaining healthy nerve function in adults. Unfortunately, as the body starts ageing, its capacity to absorb nutrients from the food decreases.

Adults can also eat foods consisting of Vitamin B12 in order to get sufficient quantity into their bodies. The deficiency of B12 can lead to weakness, constipation, weight loss and loss of appetite majorly. Aged people start suffering from anemia which leads to a feeling of tiredness and weakness. Food items such as breakfast cereals, deli meats and soy beverages can also impart adult bodies with Vitamin B12. Mobile healthcare services provide healthcare solutions at the doorstep and can provide aid in beating the issue of Vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D and Calcium - Elder people consume fewer dairy products and Vitamin D in general. Exposure of old age people to the sun also becomes less. As a result, aged people start suffering from poor bone health and the risk of suffering from fracture also increases. Eating diet rich in fruits and vegetables is suggested to optimize bone health. Diet rich in protein is also suggested to old age people. Calcium-rich foods are beneficial because they are able to impart all the essential nutrients to the body. Aged people can also consume calcium supplements, in case the intake of calcium from foods is less. Consuming Vitamin D from supplements and multivitamins is also suggested to older individuals.

Protein-rich Foods - The low-protein level in old age people can lead to various other problems including Sarcopenia. Consuming meat products, milk products, eggs and legumes is suggested. Eating plant products such as beans, lentils and humus is also suggested. Protein-rich foods are able to provide zinc, Vitamin B12, fibre and Omega 3. Low level of protein in the body can lead to bone loss and muscle loss.

Nutritional fibres - Diet rich in fibre is important for the elderly as it can stimulate intestinal motility and prevent constipation. Fibre is also important for lowering down cholesterol levels and regulating blood glucose levels. Consuming vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes is suggested as these are fibre-rich foods. Multi-grain bread, wheat germ, brown rice, broccoli, spinach, etc. are all sources of fibre. The risk of suffering from Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes also decreases with the intake of the right amount of fibre.

Geriatric nutrition involves giving preference to food items which have less salt. Reducing fat intake is recommended and consuming milk and meat products is suggested. Aged people should not undermine the importance of drinking lots of liquids since insufficient drinking can lead to low blood pressure, constipation, improper kidney functioning, etc. Drinking carbonated and sweetened drinks are not suggested to aged people. Seniors should also avoid alcohol. Senior citizen health care homes are well-equipped with all the resources that will be required to provide care to senior citizens.

In case of emergencies, senior citizen helpline numbers can also be used to provide aged individuals with support.

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