E-scooter 101 for Newbies: Salient Features of Electric Scooter

by Michelle Aban SEO Content Strategist

Anywhere in the world, you may have witnessed individuals zooming by you on their recently purchased best quality electric scooter and thought it might be a terrific alternative mode of personal transportation. After all, using an electric scooter can be a cheap and convenient method to avoid clogged-up highways. 

But how can you pick the best features of electric scooter option from all the available options? Continue reading this electric scooter buying guide to make sure you choose one that suits your needs for transportation! Among the factors to consider are range, speed, safety, age, weight limit, and riding quality.

8 Salient Features of Electric Scooter

There are a few considerations to make while looking for a high quality electric scooter to ensure you receive the most incredible ride possible. The following are some crucial things to think about:

Power is Essential

A quality electric scooter must be more powerful to carry you up a slight incline. Inquire about scooters with motors that are at least 300W. Double-check that this amount corresponds to the scooter's average power rather than just its highest power.

The maximum speed of a vehicle can be influenced by its available watts. However, this is only sometimes the case. Regardless of the power of the scooter's motor, this top speed can change. In general, a scooter with at least 500 watts of power is what you should choose if you're an adult of average weight.

Speed and Distance

Purchase an electric scooter with a high range and reasonable speed. Be sure that the electric scooter has an average of 80 to 100 km/h with a range of at least 70 km for each charge. 

While you're considering purchasing in-person or online, these qualities might seem insignificant, but they matter. You can opt for lower mileage if you only buy an electric scooter for pleasure. Features of electric scooter like high mileage and fast speed, should be prioritized instead.

Trustworthy Wheels

You will experience some bumps while riding, no matter the surface. Yet, the wheels' size significantly impacts your overall comfort and how much you feel beneath your feet.

We advise choosing a scooter with 10-inch wheels over 8-inch wheels since larger wheels provide a smoother ride. Smaller wheels usually offer a harsher ride and are more likely to become entrapped in potholes. Generally, the best features of electric scooter wheels are with a minimum diameter of 8 inches.

Tires can be divided into two categories: solid tires and air-filled tires. Choosing air-filled tires is preferable if you want to enjoy a smoother ride. Yet choosing solid tires delivers a smoother ride while traveling over uneven terrain.

Battery Capacity

One of the essential parts of an electric scooter is the battery, which affects how far the scooter can travel on a single charge. The longer the ride distances on a single charge are, the better the overall performance and the more powerful the battery.

Critical features of electric scooter will always include battery size and charging time. Note the charging time as well. A larger battery requires more charging time, so look for speedy charging choices.


The front and back wheels of high-quality electric scooters both have brakes. It's customary to have one electronic brake and one physical brake. Finding a scooter with drum brakes is advised because they are low-maintenance and keep dirt out.

Different Driving Modes

You can purchase electric scooters with several modes to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. While the eco mode modifies speed and power usage for ideal and sustainable consumption, the standard model continues to run normally.

With the eco mode, you can often anticipate a slower top speed; use it when you're not in a rush. Even in its green models, the most recent electric scooter models have incredible power, so you'll travel quickly.


Scooters excel in two main areas: portability and accessibility. They are, for example, more portable than e-bikes and far more accessible to ride than e-skateboards or electric unicycles.

Some riders believe that portability pertains to the weight of the e-scooter. Nevertheless, portability refers to several elements that make an e-scooter easy to transport and store. Aside from weight, some criteria are the amount of space an e-scooter takes up, its foldability, and ease of transport.

If you frequently switch between different modes of public transit, such as trains, to travel to various meetings, an electric scooter will be more convenient for you.

Because they are lighter, electric scooters are more portable. You can easily transport the electric scooter anywhere. In comparison, the typical weight of an electric bike is roughly 30 kg, making them large and difficult to transport.

Weight Capacity

The maximum weight that the electric scooter can support is referred to as the weight limit. The manufacturer will generally state the weight restriction for each electric scooter.

Remember that exceeding the weight restriction on an electric scooter won't always cause it to break immediately but will impact its braking system and general performance. It will only last for a short time, and accidents could result.

Most electric scooters can carry up to 100 kg of weight, but if you want extra security and assurance, opt for a scooter that can carry up to 120 kg.


Electric scooters must comply with the current requirement that all electric appliances be waterproof. Of the possibilities you're considering, look for IPX54 waterproofing because that level is relatively secure.

Sporadic splashes, rain, or other water-intensive circumstances won't harm the scooter. This is one of the essential features of electric scooter that you should always consider.

What is the battery life of electric scooter?

An electric scooter's battery typically lasts one to three years, or 300 to 500 cycles or 3,000 to 10,000 kilometers. The battery's capacity decreases, and your bike's performance suffers.

It begins to lose capacity gradually. Most electric scooter batteries lose 20% of their original capacity after 500 charge cycles. After 1000–2000 cycles, scooter batteries can lose about 30%–40% of their original capacity, at which point they are practically dead because they are unable to retain a charge that will allow them to power the scooter.

How portable are electric scooters?

The majority of electric scooters used for daily commuting are portable. These e-scooters are typically portable, collapsible, light, and easy to carry.

You can easily lift an electric scooter anywhere if you have a portable model. One of the features of electric scooter is that it can also be tucked away between cracks, within the trunk of a car, or under desks. The e-scooter can then be pulled while walking. The e-scooter may be transported without disturbing other passengers on public transportation.

How much weight can an e-scooter transport?

An ordinary male adult, including their clothing and luggage, often weigh close to or over 90 kg. This should be stated clearly on the box. Female adults, including luggage, typically weigh less, at about 85 kg. The majority of e-scooters are, therefore, 100kg rated. Remember that carrying more can void the warranty, restrict range, and slow down the top speed.


Particularly among urban dwellers, personal electric vehicles are growing in popularity. As commuters become more aware of how much simpler and faster it is to go to and from locations in an electric vehicle, many are turning away from four-wheeled vehicles. 

Electric vehicles are popular because they alleviate the country's renowned parking and traffic issues. Now that you have read the essential electric scooter features you must check before purchasing,  you can head to Electric2Fun to learn more about it and get exciting news about e-scooters! 

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