Engaging the Remote Virtual Teams and Your Regular Employees

by Richa Malhotra Real State
A futuristic mode of operating; thriving in the present, virtual office space in Noida has most certainly transformed the age-old task of 'going to work'. Essentially, Virtual teams are groups of individuals who work together, without being in contact, which means independently and remotely, yet on the same project.

Though various flexible options are available, for the businesses to adjust with the preferences of a virtual team, what automatically follows is higher productivity and better job satisfaction. With plenty of benefits, the disadvantages of this trend is right in front.

Despite the convenience of operating from the comfort of one's own home on a project spanning across various distant countries, the core sense of belonging tends to lack in a setting like this. Other than their work, professionals also find themselves coping with isolation. When it comes to communication, no matter the number of communication channels available to these teams, misinterpreted interactions and conflicts have a way of creeping up abruptly.

The problems are indisputable and the solution, simple.


A simple practice, which is most basic in every type of relationship (personal or professional) is communication. Communication is an effective technique for bridging gaps and keeping in touch. However, to avoid any misunderstandings, the interactions among the team must be open and honest at all times.

An important fraction of effective communication lies in the tone of one's voice as well as their facial expressions. In spite of the accessibility of Facetime, Skype, Google Hangout, it isn't always possible to implement these options for every single interaction.

Along these lines, human dependence on conveying things via emails, IMs, and other messaging applications. It is important to remember that words without the backup of human touch are very easy to misinterpret. In cases like these, the receiver must clarify the message with the sender immediately.


Apart from problem-solving, communication is also crucial for an organization to keep its remote and virtual employees motivated and connected. The captivating angle about virtual workplaces and groups is the variety in culture and people working, interacting and moving towards a single goal.

It doesn't always have to be about work.

These virtual groups must be urged to collaborate by means of normal WhatsApp groups, either formally or informally. This provides a good opportunity for the management to acknowledge the team's or an individual's work. A stamp of approval before one's peers is always favorable.

When it comes to keeping their employees engaged, Cisco, the multinational producer of networking equipment, has a different approach. Cisco sees its remote workers as 'clients' and implements a marketing-like approach that includes doing research on employee needs, developing strategies to engage employees, implementing practices that serve virtual employee needs, and conducting additional research on the efficacy of their efforts.


No matter how interesting one finds their work and projects, monotony sets in, which must be broken as soon as possible. Stepping out of the professional sphere of a workspace allows one to see their co-workers in a new light and that tends to make a difference even for a virtual office.

Companies like Salesforce, Accenture, etc. encourage their virtual employees to be active on groups on social media websites available on their intranets in order to increase engagement.

Nothing beats working in pajamas. However, there is monotony in this relaxed trend as well. Today, if people are given the choice between work from home and a plug and play office, it would be a wise decision to choose the plug and play office.

Organizations must encourage their employees to work from a plug and play set as it offers flexibility in a way that suits every individuals' needs. Apart Aside from giving an office experience, staff can make use of the non-stop Wi-Fi and not have to deal with power cuts.

On a lighter note, it is vital for a workforce to be equally involved in every event; this includes celebrations. A team working from different parts of the city must often participate in group meetings, team dinners, festive celebrations, conferences, and group calls.

In Conclusion

A company must begin with preparing a virtual employee engagement strategy and take the utmost advantage of available technology to engage its virtual teams. While a team must involve themselves in physical and face-to-face meetings when necessary, the organizational heads must acknowledge their talent, achievements, and performance and communicate the same with the team.

The company can also integrate employee engagement with branding and culture, thereby making it a marketing effort. Finally, it depends on both the organization as well as its employees to make an effort to sustain a healthy system of sincere collaboration.

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