End of lease cleaning: your checklist to a spotless house

by Pamtec Enviro Systems Road Sweeping Machines

When it comes to end of lease cleaning, many people are overwhelmed. The thought of cleaning your entire home in a short amount of time can be stressful and even make you feel hopeless. So we're here to help! We've put together this checklist to help you clean your house from top to bottom so that when your landlord visits, they'll be impressed by how spotless everything looks. Let's get started!

It's a good idea to start with the kitchen.

You should start with the kitchen, because it’s one of the messiest rooms in your house. You want to make sure you have everything cleaned and organized when your tenant moves out.

  • Clean the oven, stove and microwave. If you haven’t already done so, clean these appliances thoroughly before moving on to other parts of the house.

  • Clean all surfaces in the kitchen: refrigerator, sink and countertops; cabinets and drawers; flooring; windows and light fixtures—everything!

  • Wash walls down with a sponge soaked in warm water mixed with vinegar (this will remove any stains as well).

The bathroom is next on the list.

  • Clean the shower and bathtub.

  • Clean the sink, toilet and mirror.

  • Clean all flooring surfaces in the bathroom, including tiles and grout.

  • Dust or vacuum the walls, windows and door frames (optional).

  • Wipe down light fixtures with a clean cloth or rag to remove any fingerprints or dust that may have accumulated on them during your tenant’s stay.

Wipe down all furniture and fixtures.

Wipe down all furniture and fixtures. Wiping down your furniture is an important part of any move-out cleaning, but it's especially essential if you're just moving in for the summer. If you plan to leave your couch behind, you'll want to make sure that it's completely clean before someone else comes along and takes a seat on it!

The same goes for any other fixtures you might be leaving behind. For example, if there are windows in your apartment that haven't been cleaned yet (or at all), now would be a great time to get them looking nice so that future renters can enjoy the view!

Move onto the bedrooms.

  • Remove all furniture and vacuum the floor.

  • Clean the windows using a squeegee or newspaper, so that you don't leave streaks on them.

  • Clean the walls by wiping them down with a damp cloth and then drying them off immediately after. If there is any grime left behind, use an appropriate cleaning product for the specific surface of the wall (e.g., tile cleaner for tiles).

  • While you're at it, clean under all beds as well! This is an easy way to kill two birds with one stone: make yourself feel better about your room by getting rid of dust bunnies; also prevent allergens from making themselves known later on when you have company over!

  • Vacuum your bedsheets before putting them into storage; this will help prolong their life span significantly since they won't collect as much dirt when being stored away for months at a time!

Complete your necessary cleaning by tidying up the living room.

Once you've tidied up the kitchen and bathrooms, it's time to move on to the living room. Here's what you should do:

  • Clean all surfaces that are visible, including tables and counters.

  • Sweep or vacuum the floors so that they're free of dust and dirt.

  • Dust all furniture in the room thoroughly—including lamps, bookshelves, picture frames, and more! It's also a good idea to use a feather duster or special dusting brush for particularly hard-to-reach places like ceiling fans or lamp shades. You can even clean blinds with a damp cloth if they need it!

  • Clean windows inside and out (window treatments included)—not only will this make your home look cleaner overall but it'll also help improve its energy efficiency by letting in more natural light during daylight hours while blocking UV rays during summer evenings! If there's mildew on window panes (which happens sometimes), try using vinegar mixed with water instead of store bought cleaners because they contain chemicals which may irritate respiratory systems when inhaled regularly over long periods of time; plus vinegar works just as well without harmful side effects."

Follow this checklist to make end of lease cleaning less stressful!

When you're preparing to move out, there's a lot of work to do. The last thing you want is your landlord showing up and seeing that the place is still in complete disarray. However, if you follow this checklist, you'll be able to end your tenancy with a clean home—and avoid any potential legal issues.


Following this checklist will help you stay on top of your end of lease cleaning. We hope that you’ve found these tips useful and are looking forward to seeing the results!

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