Employers: Be Kind To Your Employees and Suppliers Greetings and Happy TUE! What a way to start t

by Ronney E H. Owner
Employers:  Be Kind To Your Employees and Suppliers

Greetings and Happy TUE!

What a way to start the week - huh?  Big City Lockdowns, quarantines, pro-sports suspended, no eating out, and airlines cancelling flights - above all - stock market cannot seem to settle down!

A while back I wrote a fictional series about a small business - Florist - who faced the challenge of not being able to provide benefits to its small number of employees and the employees needing to find other jobs.

Today, there is a certainty that small businesses will be impacted and the trickle down effect will start, with layoffs, terminations, shuttered businesses, etc..and the supply chain will be broken or in a state of disarray for some time.  But it does not have to be that way.

My immediate thought is that small businesses should be kind to their employees, no matter the circumstances.  After all, if your business is successful, it is because of your Customers and most importantly, your Employees.  Without people, we have no business.

And there’s a solution - similar to what I expressed in the fictional Florist Story.  If a business owner really wanted to help its employees in times like these, he/she would join our Cooperative.  Here’s why:  If you subscribe as a business vs personal, the Cooperative’s business model of profit sharing would benefit the business.  Give each employee the option of joining our Cooperative as a benefit to them.  In fact, purchase our FeedMe247 Marketing Tool for each employee at $10.00.  You will have just given them the opportunity to continue to support your business indirectly, while at the same time you have given each employee a Membership which will allow them to participate in the Cooperative.  While your business is closed, you can continue to collect revenue through profit sharing and your employees will have the same benefit afforded to them. Assuming that both you, the business owner, and your employees share the concept with Family, Friends, Fans, Followers, Frienemies, and Foes, profit sharing would continue to increase, thereby giving everyone a source of added money, for a one-time tiny investment of only $10.00 by each participant.

Together, we will all weather the storm and lessen the chances of a business being permanently closed or having to file bankruptcy.

If you want more information or have questions about the concept, hop over to:     I can also provide you with step-by-step instructions as to what to expect and you could be on your way in under ten minutes.

So, Mr./Ms. Employer - be kind to your Employees and Suppliers during this time of uncertainty.  Give a little to gain a lot through our Cooperative.  Our purpose is to help you put cash in your pocket, legally and professionally, as defined by 2012 Title III JOBS (jumpstart our business startup) Act: Crowdfunding.  Legally, you can generate up to $1M annually because of Title III.  What an incredible way to recover.  The secret is to use our Cooperative because our business model includes profit sharing - unlike the conventional crowdfunding models!

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