Employee Monitoring Software for Corporate Innovation

by Sania B. Digital Marketing

The period of moving business processes and operations into the digital realm has already long begun. The ease and accessibility of online resources is making this process faster than ever. Employees are using computers to write, research, create, communicate and everything in between, while employers are digitally recruiting and managing the workforce. As the saying goes, the future is here.

Networks and computers and powerful, there’s no denying that, but can managers and corporate business owners keep up? Larger digital storage and faster communication have brought about more business opportunities than ever, and executives need some help in dealing with this effectively, especially in large corporate environments. This is where employee monitoring software can help.

Corporate Culture

Even though it’s generally a big concern how employee tracking software, such as for instance Workpuls, can affect the corporate culture, the policy of transparency and honesty will ensure that the atmosphere in your enterprise remains intact.

What’s more, many companies report the increase in productivity and efficiency as a result of using computer surveillance software. So, something as simple as letting your employees know in advance that their activity will be monitored can make sure you keep their loyalty on this journey of digital transformation.


One of the most common reasons why corporations decide to implement computer surveillance in the first place is to protect their confidential business information and client data. And although employee monitoring software is rarely the only security measure against digital threats, it can certainly help.

Especially with advanced features such as screenshots and keystroke monitoring, data leaks and breaches can be detected as soon as they appear. This way you can  contaminate the damage much faster, whether it was caused intentionally or accidentally.

This is an invaluable capability for big companies where the number of employees makes it impossible to track each computer individually or where conducting a regular investigation would take a lot of time.


Another very important part of the overall innovation process that computer surveillance programs can introduce is task automation. The degree of automation a company can expect will depend on the type of employee tracking software they use.

Some systems include attendance tracking as one of their features. This means that you’ll get very accurate reports on employees’ clock-ins and overtime, as well as how productively they spend their office time. This automates several processes: attendance tracking, calculating payrolls and billable hours, as well as compiling evaluation reports.

One more useful feature that some employee monitoring tools have is automated time tracking. It basically allows you to automatically track time on projects based on file names. Not only does this make the process completely automatic and objective, but it also eliminates the possibility of human error.

Keeping Up With the Specialty Niches

Technology isn’t the only thing that experienced a huge transformation in the 21st century. Work landscape at large did so too. Technological and social advances opened up the doors for many new industries to be born. On top of that, it seems that every part of every process has its own Specialist.

If you have more than 1,000 workers under you bearing 200 different job titles, then the whole process of work delegation is extremely hard and almost never optimal. But if you use the PC time management software, then this part of your job is better informed and more effective.

Another thing to keep in mind are all the different software solutions and platforms that your employees use in different branches and departments. You can buy everything your experts ask you to, or you can look at the data from computer and network surveillance to see which of them are actually used and which ones you can do without. To a large degree, this solves the problem of software acquisition for big companies and corporations.


Technical innovations have ushered in a new era of workplace environment. This is reflected both on how each job is performed as well as on the corporate management. With so many changes going on in the business world, it’s time that we learn how to embrace the technology that’s shaping our jobs and learning how to use employee monitoring software can definitely help you cope.

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