Employee Benefits and Perks during the Service

by Mecof King Halleluya
There are a lot of benefits that an employee can expect apart from the wages and salary. There are certain benefits which the organization is not bound to give, however there are number of benefits which the organization voluntarily chooses to give to its employees, where maximum of the benefits are also available for all Government employees and PSU workers enabled in their website like BSNL ERP.

Employee benefits: Employee benefits are the non-salary compensation and benefits which are offered by the companies. They are included to provide a competitive package to the employees.

There are many benefits which are not mandated to the employees by the companies chose to offer them as a social obligation for them towards the employees. Some of these benefits include:

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision care
  • Life Insurance
  • Paid vacation leaves
  • Personal leaves
  • Sick leave
  • Child care
  • Fitness
  • Retirement plans and an host of other benefits

All these employee benefits vary with respect to different employers and are at the discretion of the employer. However, the employees can negotiate with the employer regarding these benefits.

Health insurance plans: Most of the organizations offer health care insurance plans to the employees. Most of the organizations provide a host of healthcare insurance plans for the employees and the employee can choose from the available options amongst them.

Dental care plan coverage: Some of the organizations also provide dental plans to its employees. Dental plans offered varies from company to company. However, they are generally of three type’s preventive, major and basic plan.

Other company provided benefits include:
These benefits are offered on the discretion of the employer or they are covered under the labor agreement, thus they will vary from company to company. These benefits include:

  • Hazard pay
  • Maternity, paternity and adoption leaves: These leaves provided would also vary by different companies and employers
  • Paid holidays
  • Pay raise
  • Severance pay
  • Vacation leave
  • Work breaks and meal breaks

All the above are also applicable for all BSNL employees enabled in ESS ERP portal, and all these are applicable at the discretion for any company and you will found a huge difference between the companies with respect to these requirements.

Fringe benefits: Some of the other benefits classified as fringe benefits can vary with respect to the industries and businesses.  These benefits include benefits such as bonuses, profit sharing, medical, disability, and life insurance, paid vacations, free meals, use of a company car, pensions, stock options, childcare, gratuity, company holidays, personal days, sick leave, other time off from work, retirement and pension plan contributions, tuition assistance or reimbursement for employees and/or their families, discounts on company products and services, housing, and other benefits and perks that are provided by companies in addition to the employee's salary.

All these benefits are important and carry a monetary values as well. However, the organization is not bound to accept these while a person is switching the company in terms of salary negotiations and it is all dependent on the employee how he presents his case and many a time it happens that the employee is not aware of the benefits he is entitled to, thus it is important for the employees to review all the policies and the entitlements and use them judiciously.

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