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E-mail marketingis still the single best wayto market your business in 2020 better,than Facebook's better than,

Instagram ads because, it's a list you own social platforms can just drop like flies at anytime but your list that list is yours.

you know but like everything else in business.there is a right wayin a wrong way and even.ifyou're a total newbie to this email

marketing thing.I've got your back here,so in this article.I'm gonna walkyou through everysingle thing you need to not only

build deeper connections through email marketing, but how to build that list up in the first place and I'll show you how to do it.

As quickly as possible,so there's a lot to cover here, so let's just dive right into. it step one is to start to build your list in the first

place and the best part of this is you don't even need to have all the other aspects ofyour business in place in order to do this.

All-you need is one reallygreat action able piece ofcontent.that you can offer up in exchange for you guessed it their email this is what we call a lead magnet or a freebie not a news-letter,but something that solves a problem for your

ideal can be anything from a checklist a resource guide a multi-day-challenge a article trainingit can be

pretty much anything.that are just a couple requisites here has to be actionable okay has to promise and

deliver a result of-some kind not know filled her head with more knowledge and it needs a reallygreat title.I'm telling

you the title is probably-the most important part here. it has to sell the benefits and the end result while you know peaking

their curiosity at the same use terms like experts secrets little-known tips simple or fast and've decided on

the best topic title and format for your lead's time to get to work on actually basically-just compiled

all the best can find to research it and then start writing or scriptingit and're know ask

your-self as you go is this action is it gonna get someone from where.they are now anycloser to where they want to be also

don't make the reallycommon mistake of-making-your freebie basically a thinly-veiled sales can definitely pitch your

services later but this is not the time for it.the purpose of-your lead magnet or a freebie is just to get the email address and

then you can start building-trust with your potential new customer after you've created your need to

make a dedicated space for it on your website specifically what Imean is a place where people can learn about it and actually

sign up for I recommend a standal-one page for it similar to this one that compelling-title along with a few benefits and are

really easyto see signup box-should be front and then you can use the rest of the page to give even more details to

get them really excited about it.test-imonials can work-right if you did a good job on your lead magnet. you're definitely

going-to get some emails about it.once you go live people thanking-you for keep those emails so you can repurpose them

as social proof right on your signup page and if you want to see. how you can really easily-create an opt-in page like this one. I

did write an article tutorial on it.just all for just clickright up here for blog subscriber with your email. we have a wayto get people on your list now let's switch gears and talk a little bit more about what to

do with them have them so the first thingto think about is you have to choose an email delivery platform.that's

going-to you know auto deliver that lead magnet and then the email nurture campaign after-wards and you have lots of

choices here some are free to start some have a free trial some are free up to a certain number of-subscribers and some are

easy to use and some are really-complexto use. so I happen to use drip and I like it a lot,but I'm tellingyou it can get really

expensive the more people you get on your list.I've got 10,000 now and I payclose to $200 a month for that so it's not really

that cheap and most small businesses.they use MailChimp just because,I think they do the most advertising and they're the

kind of the most out there and they aren't actually-really easy-to use as well so what.I don't like about MailChimp and it's

actually-kind of a big deal their emails generally-get flagged to go into the promotions tab in people' know-mail provider

so rather than beingin their primary-inbox they-get sent to promotions.where all the other you know business emails end up.

so what happens then is most people don't end up seeingthose this is up to what happens then is most people don't end up seeing those this is up to you.

MailChimp is definitely a much more economical option,but I think personally it's worth worth it to pay more to get people to

actually-see your you're goingto all the trouble to do this it would be a real shame that people not even see

then once you make your choice of email providers.what you need to do is set up your freebie delivery email. so this is the

email that theyget once they opt-in to your list and then it automatically-gives them the lead I recommend

handling-this really simply-you know just write a really simple email,as if you were sending a really-cool piece of content to a know just reiterate in the it's gonna help them and then just link-to the piece of-content right inside the then they have what they signed up for and you've got a new email address,but guess what we're not finished yet not

even close the real power of email marketing is not in just delivering the lead's in the repetition that comes the idea being they hear from you over and over again building a kind of relation-ship with you over this

truly is just the beginning of what you want to do after you've delivered the the freebie they-signed up for you want to

start a weekly campaign. so I definitely-recommend one a week.I think.that's a sweet spot that's not too over whelming to you

or to your list right don't want to have to take on right you know your job is not to write emails all've got

other things to do and they probably do as well so once a weekis the timing that. I like best so just write and send one full

email every week and the best part is you don't have to keep going-forever with what you do is you write a series of

emails that can just be put on automation.when you're done and they can be sent out in order to each new subscriber

regardless of when.they signed up for your know's tomorrow or two years from now.they're gonna get the

same emails timed out a week how-many of these emails do you need to write. you know-might that my-rule of thumb

here is think of how long it typically-takes your client to make up their mind.if they want to work with you or not so from the

point.where someone comes to your website how long does it take them to make up their mind to either choose you or

choose a competitor or decide to do nothing at all so.if that's you know two weeks what if,it's eight months whatever that

timing tends to be that is how-many emails you want to come up with and then as you write these emails and by the

don't have to sit down and write all over them at one time right you can write them once a week and then as you add a new

one to the basicallyjust add it to the end of the email sequence so that every new subscriber justgets them in the

right order each a week now let's talk about what goes inside these each should have a single focus and

again.we're talking helpful content here.we're not talking promotional emails but you can do anykind of a mix-ture of-content.

so what you can do is and one emailyou can link to an article on your blog or if you have a video you know on YouTube you

can link-to that or maybe you have a link-to it every new episode you come up with or it can be really-simple.

just be a reallyshort tip in the and you know. you don't actually have to come up with all this content your-self can just link-to other articles or other podcasts or videos that you had nothingto do with coming up with.

you're and you're not claiming credit for them. you're just linkingto them and telling-them.why this particular piece of-content

would be beneficial for them to read all now let's talk design for a second so all of these email know drip

MailChimp they come with these really pretty-templates and they can be tempting to use,because you think that are

gonna make you come across as really

national and polished. it's just one of those kind of sexy-things businesses like to take advantage of but,I'm telling you. you

want to resist the temptation to do that rather than sendingthese reallykind of polished corporate looking want

to style your emails very're writing it to a know not a corporation sending spam and the other thing

to feel free to kind of use images here and there and your emails to spice things up and draw interest but,you want to use

them wisely and you want to use them kind of sparingly,because images can trigger that spam folder or the promotions folder.

if you go overboard with what I like to do.when I talk about using them wisely.I like to use a fun gift or you know, if I'm

linking to a article inside the email.I'll include a nice little thumbnail of the article and link it right to that's the design part.

what about the know another big mistake a lot of people make is by trying-to write these emails very-corporate very

professionally they think-that's gonna make them come across in a way.that people are gonna be more drawn to work with

you's the opposite friendly is the word know that goes for your website too but it-goes especially for email.

you know don't try to write like a company try to write like a person you know there's such a trend right now but people are

choosing more and more to work with businesses based on the people that they want to work with not because,oh this

company's the most professional know even when you're talking lawyers and doctors people respond to real

human use emojis if it's appropriate and definitely break up your text into really-short paragraphs and use lists in it.

if they make sense it just helps to breakit all up no one ever wants to read a big wall of you may be thinking-right now.

 so I'm sending all this helpful content.when is it time for you to actually make some money here and sell your services

and there's absolutely a time in a place to do that so my rule, here is one out of every four emails can be purely promotional.

so you send three really action-packed helpful content emails trying to build that connection with them like a helpful trusted

guide and then you send one but you know what I like to do here even is make it sound're a friend doing them a solid

letting them.know about some-thing you can how you can help them even further and even in those emails that are pure value.

I also's fine to close those emails out with your signature followed by a PS which includes what I would consider a really

kind of soft clothes or you know a light sales pitch some-thing like.if you want to see how Ican help you get started. I'd love to

talk to you just click here to set up a one-on-one consultation and you know some-thing like that doesn't feel intrusive it.

you're helping them. so now let's talk about subject lines so subject lines are arguably the most important

part of your whole email marketing-campaign the right subject line makes the difference between gettingit opened or just sit in that inbox never to be read and I actually-recommend spending just as much time on the subject line as the

whole self .I know it sounds crazy but I do actually-recommend coming up with 5 to 10 subject lines for every email and

it's really asking your-self which of these feels the most clickable now. there are so many-kinds of subject lines that work

amazing well and I did make a whole article about the ones that.I personally-know to work the best so go ahead and click on

this video and watch it and just decide which of those proven subject line formulas you want to put to good use.Thanks for reading this article.

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