eLearning Mobile Apps Help to Enhance a Successful Educational Business

by Haniska Roy Mobile App Development Company
Mobile apps are trending in today’s time and this is the root cause of the emerging mobile app development trend. Imagine what will be your life without mobile? Can you imagine your life without using SmartPhones for one day? Then you will get an answer “NO” because it is next to impossible thing without living your SmartPhone. Nowadays the use and trend of mobile phones have become so wide that people from every age are using SmartPhones. The growing use of mobile apps all over the world is making every industry to adopt its awesome features and get the best output in the sales of their business.

If we talk about e-learning concept, then this is the next trending thing which is getting huge attention from the education industry. Whether its students, teachers or parents, the e-learning concept is providing flexibility in teaching and studying and keeping a record of students’ education. The main purpose of e-learning concept is to drive everything online and accessible and managed easily by everyone. The education industry is growing higher by adopting mobile app development trends. E-Learning mobile apps are booming everywhere and there seems no stopping for it.

Let’s see the major benefits of e-learning mobile apps:

1. eLearning is better than school learning

We all are aware of the increasing school fees demand which is making parents to panic. As we know that a fee is required to fill on-time then only the student will get admission in the school so money is a big factor to consider. The fees structure of school has taken a drastic change which is rising day by day. At times it happens that by joining a school it is possible that not every single student will get a dedicated learning as there are many students available in one class. But in the case of eLearning, you will get a dedicated attention of the expert for teaching you the particular subjects.

2. Millennial want instant knowledge

It is observed that eLearning platform is growing tremendously by providing huge benefits for millennial. As today’s youth has no patience and want everything instantly so eLearning apps are highly useful for such group of people. Education mobile app development has become an important thing and being an owner of an educational institute, you should always contact the leading mobile app development company for handling your eLearning app development project. Traditional learning is hectic and has many phases to cross but in the case of eLearning, it is very easy to access every module and gain the full education.

3. Effectual learning in many ways

By using different eLearning platforms, you can get the education using your Laptop, Computer, SmartPhone, Tablet, or any other device. There remains no device barrier which can stop you from learning. Nowadays it has become more flexible to get an effective education using eLearning platforms. With the help of different e-learning platforms, you can get huge profit in your education business. Also, students will get flexible ways to educate themselves and learn new trends to be updated in the current technology-based world. Using the best Education management application, you will get better ways of learning.

4. Mobile apps help to expand learning

With the growing impact of mobile apps in the education industry, there are many ways through which you can gain the education. You can learn using online courses, video chats, webinars, face-to-face workshops and more such. The technology is speeding at an unstoppable rate and making flexible ways for students to get the best education. It is important for you to adopt different education learning platforms and become up-to-date in the market. You can become well educated using the current eLearning mobile apps which are booming all around the world. With such great eLearning platforms, you can get the effectual result in improving your knowledge and becoming master on any subject that you want to learn.

5. Better communication in between parents & teachers

With the help of eLearning apps, parents and teachers benefit the most as they will get a flexible medium for transparent communication. At times it happens that parents and teachers both have some queries and want quick feedback and using such effective mobile apps it is possible to solve all types of queries instantly. There are huge benefits of eLearning mobile apps as they are providing best ways to deal with students’ problem and discuss with their parents. Also, teachers get a place from where they can access all the things smoothly which are of students as well as their parents.

Here, you can refer about the statistical data of mobile app from authenticate resources:

The total number of mobile app downloads in 2017 – 197 billion (a forecast) (Statista)

The total number of iOS app downloads in 2016 – 25+ billion (Source: App Annie)

The total number of Android app downloads in 2015 – 50 billions (Source: Benedict Evans)

The total number of Android app downloads in 2016 –  90 billion (App Annie)

The app category people spend time the most – Social Networking (29% of users) (Source: comScore)

The most popular app, both iOS and Android, by penetration – Facebook (81% of users) (Source: comScore)

The Mobile app Millennials use the most in 2015 – Facebook (21% of users) (Source: comScore)

The mobile app Millennials use the most in 2017 – Amazon (35% of users) (Source: BusinessInsider)

The time spent per user with digital media on mobile in US daily in 2017 – 2.3 hours (Source: comScore)

The age group that spends the most time on apps monthly in US in 2015 – 18-24 (90.6 hrs on smartphone apps, 34.7 hrs. on tablet apps) (Source: comScore)

The age group that spends the most time on apps monthly in US in 2017- 18-24 (93.5 hrs / month on smartphone apps, 27.6 hrs. / month on tablet apps) (Source: Statista)

The average number of apps people use daily – 9 , monthly – 30 (Source: TechCrunch)

The major age group of users that operate a smartphone with two hands – 55+ (39% of users) (Source: comScore)

Total number of iOS apps on the App Store – 2.2 million (as of the January of 2017) (Source: Statista)

Total number of Android apps on Google Play  – 3 million (as of June of 2017) (Source: Statista)

Total number of apps on Amazon AppStore – 600k+ (as of spring 2016) (Source: Statista)

The most popular iOS app category, by volume – Games (25%) (Source: Statista)

The most popular Android app category, by penetration – Tools (99.8%) (Source: Statista)

The most popular Amazon AppStore category – Games (21% of the total number of apps)

Total number of app publishers – 968k (Google Play), 498k (App Store), 75k (Amazon AppStore) (Source: App Annie)

Wrap Up:
Today, every business is growing high with the help of mobile apps as the world is getting higher using mobile trends. So if you are running an education business, it is extremely important for you to take your business online with the help of mobile apps. But you have to make sure that you are working with only a leading and reputed mobile app development company for getting the expected and exceptional results with your revenue model of education mobile app development project.

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