Effective Islamic Remedies for Human Illnesses

by Eric Watson Morocco Holidays

Today, almost the entire world is in tightening grip of harming Coronavirus.  This killer Corona has infected millions of people and engulfed several innocent lives. The whole world is in saddening state of lock-downs and strict travel bans.  The people are going for self-isolating and self-quarantining themselves inside the four walls of their homes.

All sorts of social gatherings at public places are canceled. The worshipping places of all the major religions like mosques, temples, churches have barred the human entry. The global economy wheel has jammed.  The businesses and trading firms are badly affected. This alarming virus has hankered down the rightful earnings of the religious tour firms who burn the midnight oil to accommodate their god fearing clients with cheap Umrah and Hajj Packages, as the Middle East has shut down all the Muslim holiest worshipping places.

This virus seems to be unstoppable. It is still spreading in the world at the alarmingly speedy rate.  There is no cure, medicine or vaccination prepared to eliminate this disease. The researchers and scientists are working day and night on the ways to root out this threatening pandemic. 

However, we would like to share some Islamic stances and remedies to deal and protect ourselves against an illness, disease or any sort of epidemic.

Islamic Stance about an Illness

The Muslims believe that anything good or bad happens to them is written or approved by Allah Almighty. Any unfavorable situation is an ordeal from Allah (SWT) to test their patience.  Furthermore, The Muslims firmly believe that Allah (SWT) doesn’t send any illness or suffering without its cure or solution.

So what a human mind must do is to ponder on the ways to find its cure or solution. Furthermore, Islamic text is brimmed with several beneficial remedies to help the mankind to protect themselves against these illnesses.

Islamic Foods and Remedies for Everyday Practice

Be mindful that the science is the manmade field that may definitely falter. This is what we see in case of novel Corona in which the science has appeared failing in the stoppage and complete elimination of this killer virus.

However, the smart use of the excellent flawless Islamic remedies would definitely save you from the Killer attacks of Corona or any other illness. It is because these beneficial remedies are approved by the Divine Creator, who is the sole omniscient maker and controller of each and everything of this Universe. These wondrous Islamic remedies are also commemorated as the Sunnah remedies or the Prophet (SAW)’s medicines.  He is the last beloved Messenger of the whole mankind, whose teachings are indelibly true and unquestionably authentic.



It is the favorite sweet eatery of the Holy Prophet ( SAW). It is natural rector extracted from the beautiful buzzing honey bee.  The Holy Prophet ( SAW) has said that Honey is a remedy for every illness and the Qur'an is a remedy for all illness of the mind, therefore I recommend to you both remedies, the Qur'an and honey.' (Bukhari)

Furthermore, the scientists say that the strong immune system is among the effective keys to protect ourselves from the killer Corona attacks. So the studies show that honey is the great immunity builder with various incredible vitamins and proteins. It is rich in B complex vitamins, vitamin C, D E and some other essential minerals.

It is highly suggested to include this tasty natural medicinal eatery in your diet.


This is another favorite food of the Holy Prophet ( SAW) with splendid health benefits.  It is also called as the succulent Ramadan food. The dates maintain the blood glucose level in the body. It is another immunity boosting food that will save you from the killer attack of Corona or any other illness.


Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and rich fatty acids. It has a lot of health benefits.  Its significance is mentioned both in the glorious Holy Quran and Holy Prophet’s literature ( Sunnah). So according to the Holy Quran

"And a tree (olive) that springs forth from Mount Sinai, that grows oil, and it is a relish for the eaters. (Quran 23:20)."

So make olive seeds or oil an inseparable part of your daily diet.

Black Cumin

Black cumin or small black seeds known as Nigella Sativa holds immense significance in Islam. The Holy Prophet ( SAW) declared that this Black seed is the cure of every illness except death.

Make use of these blessed seeds in your diet

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