Education Can Help IN Achieving Long Term Goals

by Ebenezer School ebenezer international residential school

Education is the most powerful weapon of development which reduces poverty. It is also a human right. Everyone wishes to join the best boarding school in Kerala to develop their career. But there are many children in our world who do not even have the right to want to. Most of the countries are now aware of their children's future. So they have made a big effort to get children into school. However, millions of young children are not reaching their full potential, because of inadequate nutrition, a lack of early stimulation, learning and nurturing care and exposure to stress adversely affect their development. It is your responsibility to bring back the students who are lagging behind. We have to make it possible for them to study in the best boarding school in Kerala. They provide broad base knowledge which helps them to learn about all over the world. The boarding school in Kerala enables them to think positively and take a firm stand. In addition, boarding schools in Kerala play a vital role in overcoming the fear and lack of confidence of children. Education helps to improve equality, peace and stability. 

         If you want to be a self dependent person, education is a must. It also helps you become financially independent. Education makes you an intelligent person. Then you can make your own decisions. If you are a well educated person, you will have a lot of opportunities in front of you. Your higher education leads to the accomplishment of your dreams. 

        Of course you need to get an education if you want to be happy throughout your life. Education gives you a good social reputation, a good job and a valuable person. If you are an educated person, you are more likely to get a higher paying job. Everyone wants their life to be good. But there are many difficulties in turning into a good life. Overcome all these crises and lead a successful life. 


         Education helps to distinguish right from wrong in life. An educated person is well aware of the consequences of wrong or illegal and he or she is less likely to get influenced and will not do something which is not legally or morally right. People who are not educated due to lack of opportunities and poverty turn to illegal activities such as robbery and theft to solve their own problems. If you are educated you are well aware of your rights and laws. Also your responsibilities towards society. So education has a tremendous role in providing social unity and peace.

        In the society in which we live, there are many spoken or unspoken rules, education is one of them. The community expects you to go to school and college, get a good job and lead a sustainable life. Many consider your education as proof of your knowledge. If you are an educated person, they will pay more attention to you and take it seriously. Lack of self confidence usually makes it difficult for an uneducated person to express his or her views and opinions. No matter what he says or does, no one will pay attention to him. Education gives you the capacity to express your own attitudes and opinions. Education makes you an active member of your community. An educated person can contribute to his community. Education helps one to become a useful member of the society and participate in all the changes and developments taking place in the society.

        Students can learn about critical thinking while at school. This helps them to make better decisions. They also learn about scientific approaches to preventing corruption and how to interpret statistics. Critical thinking plays a big role in many jobs. In addition, learning how to deal with various factors and make a decision will help students better throughout their lives.       

        As a human being, it is your responsibility to give something back to the community and make this space better for the next generation. An uneducated man cannot be fully aware of his responsibilities. But a well-educated person can be fully aware of his laws and responsibilities. A good education motivates an individual to think beyond his own interests and beliefs and give something back to society. A world cannot prosper without educated people.

        Together we must strengthen efforts to bring poor and disadvantaged children into the education system. Education is everyone's right. Girls have the same rights as boys. Like everyone else, this is a right for children with disabilities. Education is a right regardless of where you were born and raised. It is time to make sure the rights are upheld. Therefore, education is essential for the evolution of a nation.

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