Easy Tricks To Open Beer When You Don't Have Bottle Opener

by Mytopoff Seo Push Down & Twist Off Beer Bottle Openers
What is the first thing you look for when you have to remove the beer cap? Obviously, you are not trying to do it with your hands or teeth! Bottle Cap Remover is the first thing you look for and when you can't find one, your frustration grows because you can't resist the taste of chilled beer for too long. In case you can't get your hands on a bottle opener, you start looking for different ways to open your beer.

Some people try their car keys, some try to use handle of doors, and some even choose to test the strength of their teeth. However, such ways to open beer are not recommended because they can injure you and cost you much more than what your beer bottle costs! No to mention, your spoiled plans of a great time with family and friends while drinking cold beer.

This article is composed with intention to provide useful information to beer aficionados all over the world who try risky ways to pop off their beer bottles when they can't get their hands on a good quality bottle opener that safely removes bottle cap without any slip or bent bottle cap. Read on to know more about it.

Counter Top: This way of opening beer bottle is a tried and tested way when you can't get a bottle opener. All you need is a sturdy counter top with thick edges. Place the jagged edges of the beer bottle on the edge of the counter and hit it swiftly using your palm. You can practice it lightly couple of times before hitting it hard enough to open the bottle cap. Hold bottle firmly and position jagged edges of the bottle cap accurately. Injuries can happen but if you do it right, you can enjoy your beer without hurting yourself.

Bottle Cap To Bottle Cap: There'll always be an element of risk when you use non-conventional ways to remove bottle cap in the absence of a Bottle Cap Remover. In this method, you take two full bottles of beer and interlock their caps with one beer placed upright and other placed upside down. Swiftly jerk the one that is facing down and proper application is likely to result in popping off beer cap of the one that is place upright.

Use A Pair Of Strong Scissors: This is one of the easiest, non-conventional ways to open your beer without a beer bottle opener. Open the scissors and place them slightly off parallel to the beer bottle. Start from cutting through one of the ridges and continue the process in a circular motion until the cap can be removed easily from the beer bottle. There are no chances of you sustaining any injury using this method.

Try Household Items: If you look carefully, there are many household items you can use to open a beer. Belt buckles, common fork, children's ice-skates, metallic nail clippers, peeler, door handle etc, are some commonly available household items which can be used cleverly to open your beer bottle with minimal chances of injury. So, next time you can't find an opener, you know what to use and how to use.

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