Easy to Follow 5 Best Interior Decor Tips for Office Cubicles

by Kundan Kumar A Marketing Executive by Job and Blogger by Hobby

Does the thought of working in an office sound monotonous to you? It can indeed be boring at times! Identical square cubicles and dull furniture can put one off. In order to stay creative and motivated at work, office decor plays a big role. Having a good office space is necessary to stay refreshed and comfortable as well. This is why you should pay greater attention to interior view of cubicles in an office. Yes, you heard it right! It determines your productivity, so why not jazz it up a little bit and lift your mood?

Below are some tips suggested and followed by some of the most famous interior design firms to decorate your cubicle:


1) Use of attractive decorative lamp:

Decor Light for Interior Decor Tips for Cubicles

Needless to say, lighting can really bring about a lot of difference to your office. And it is also one element you can play around with to bring in some fancy decor. Adding a simple and pretty lamp can do the trick. Or if you are feeling slightly fancier, you can even add a small chandelier. This of course depends upon the kind of space available to you. But you get the idea, right? Whether it’s a small table lamp or a light hanging from the ceiling, add something that illuminates your space and makes it a more interesting space to work at.

2) Use of pillows:

Use of Pillow as a Part of Interior Decor Tips for Cubicles

Sitting upright in front of a screen can take a toll on our backs. It may also cause back problems in the long run. And on an everyday basis, it’s just something we don’t want to do! So how about throwing in a catchy and vibrant pillow for your chair that provides you comfort and looks charming as well? It gives your space a personal touch and also makes you feel cozy when you need it!

3) Incorporate accessories:

Accessories for Interior Decor Tips for Cubicles

The way you organize your desk speaks volumes about your personality. Better do it in some style! Since you spend a considerable portion of your day in your cubicle, it is important to have a few pretty items to gaze upon. These can be accessories- whether it is frames, quirky pen holders or colourful file organizers. Or even a bright coloured chair! You must have something to beat those neutral office tones that your cubicle has. You can pick from a variety of sizes of simple, contemporary frames, and fill them with artwork, images or even quotations that you love. This serves a dual purpose. It hides those unappealing connector lines that many cubicles have, and also provides you a visual escape when facing a dull time. And if you’re feeling slightly ambitious, you can DIY something for your desk. Create an organizer tray to keep your essential items in place and de-clutter your desk.

4) Keep pictures of loved ones:

Picture Addition for Interior Decor Tips for Cubicles

Nothing calms our mind than looking at our loved ones. Your work might often create situations when you face stress, and we’ve the perfect solution to alleviate that. Add pictures of your loved ones to your desk. This will not only be a cute piece of decor, but will bring peace to you in times when you are not feeling your best.

5) Adding office plants:

Adding Plants to Interior Decor for Cubicles

Boost your health and well-being and bring life to your cubicle by adding some plants. Plants like the Peace lily allow you to add some actual flowers to your work space and also purify the air in your office. They add a homely touch to your space. Other popular options include Philodendrons, which can be kept on hanging baskets or be put on filing cabinets. They add height to a small area and enhance overall appearance. If you want to add some colourful hues to your spaces, the African Violets can be a great choice. They make your space look cheerful and vibrant. Just keep in mind to choose a plant that requires minimal space and care, and you will be good to go.

These sums up the list of few creative interior decor ideas but to explore more either you need to use your creative soul or to make it simpler, consulting a famous office interior designer can be both money & time saving. They usually understand the architectural design of a space & are expert in customized interior designing.

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