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Although contact lenses seem to be a recent invention, the earliest conceptualization of what today’s contact lenses are; seems to be attributed to an eighteenth century English astronomer Sir John Herschel. It was not until 1971 (since Wichterle and Lim's innovation of soft contact lenses and the launch of the same by Bausch + Lomb as "SofLens" brand); that we have the present version of the contact lenses.

What are Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are fine disc-like structures made up of soft plastic which one places directly upon the eye and is used for people with eyesight problems (like myopia or hypermetropia) and/or today, it is becoming more and more well-known in the fashion industry, which is increasingly replacing the popularity of the glasses.

However, if you wear glasses, you might not understand how advantageous it is to wear contact lenses. Following are some of the advantages or benefits of wearing a pair of contact Lenses:

  • Clearer Vision: When your eyes move, so move the contact lenses you are wearing which enables you to have unhindered vision, wherever or whatever you gaze. The lenses enable you to have a sharp, unswerving and outlying vision. Unlike the glasses, contact lenses, do not reflect nor do they distort your vision. Again, water does not splash on to the contact lenses thereby giving you a clear vision independent of the weather. Finally, they are not covered by steam in a warmer environment.

  • Freedom of Movement: Again, unlike the glasses that you wear; which quite become a hindrance in the daily process of life, lenses do not bother you. To explain, Lenses being nimbler and less blatant than the glasses, you can wear it doing your respective task. Next, if you are either running or are doing some work or the other; the glasses bounce up and down causing discomfort. Moreover, lenses do not bother you by pinch on to the nose as the glasses do. Lastly, there is no fear of either loosing or breaking them.

  • Protection From UV Rays: Sometimes, contact lenses comprise of a certain UV blocking element which protects the eyes which is very beneficial for your, since it is known that the UV Rays of the sun are harmful.

Applying Contact Lenses

If you are a first-time user, you might just be nervous in wearing the contact lenses on your eyes. However here are certain tips on how you can wear contact lenses on your eyes:

  1. Remember to wash clean your hands with perfumed antibacterial soap and dry the same with a towel that is free of lint.
  2. Check, if the the lenses are inside-out.
  3. Using the right hand raise your upper eyelid to put the lens on your eye, looking upward. Now close your eye for the lens to settle in and repeat the process for the other eye. 

Keeping all this in mind about the contact lenses, “Dump the Glasses & Get the Lenses”!

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