Drug Addiction: Symptoms, Effects, and What to Look For

by Katie Leslove Blogger

Drug addiction is also referred to as a substance abuse disorder, a condition that affects the way a person thinks and behaves. The inability to control one’s use of the drug leads to harmful consequences.

But how does it start? Some find themselves indulging in drugs out of experimental use in a social setting, brought on by peer pressure. Some, though, have been prescribed with the medication, with many drugs serving as effective pain relievers. For whatever reason that you’re taking the drug, it’s essential that you’re familiar with some of the symptoms of addiction, so you’re aware of what to watch out for. If you see any of these happening to you, start giving serious thought to checking into drug rehab in South Florida.


·        If you feel like you need to keep taking the drug regularly, every day or even a few times a day, then that’s a sign that you are wholly addicted to the drug.

·        Do you feel the urge to take the drug, to the point that it blocks out all other thoughts in your head?

·        Do you find yourself taking more and more of the drug?

·        Are you taking more than the recommended dosage? Or are you taking it longer than what’s prescribed by your physician?

·        Are you spending all your hard-earned cash on drugs? Are you spending money you can’t afford?

·        Are you having a hard time meeting obligation at work or at school? Have you let your responsibilities slide?

·        Are you taking risks by driving while you’re under the influence of drugs? Or are you putting yourself in danger by getting high to the point that you’re no longer in control of what you're doing?

·        Are you a danger to yourself or others?


The effects of drugs are varied. Continued drug abuse can lead to several effects. These include:

·    Work problems: If you’re under the influence of the drug all the time, that renders you unable to meet your obligations at school or work.

·    Health problems: Lack of energy and motivation along with sudden weight gain or loss as well as red eyes, are just some of the physical effects of drug addiction.

·    Behavioral changes: Drug abuse leads to changes in a person’s behavior. You’ll want to hide your addiction from loved ones and that means you’ll start becoming more secretive. You might also start fights, whether with people you know or strangers. Your relationships will suffer as you try to hide your addiction and your behavior changes with your dependence on the drug.

What to Look For

The best way to find out the signs and symptoms of the drug, along with its possible effects, is to consult a substance abuse counselor. Talking to an expert will help you learn more about what to look for when it comes to the condition. That’s a wise move, as different substances often lead to different symptoms and signs, thus requiring knowledge of a range of treatments. Make sure you look for a reputable treatment facility for treatment. 

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