Driving First Time In Brazil? Check Out These Driving Laws and Road Rules

by Marcos Morelli Software solutions provider for on-street parking
It is well-known to everyone that in Brazil, people drive on the right side and overtake on the left side.

The thing people must keep in mind is, in Brazil, they have to carry first-aid kits and fire extinguisher in their cars because this country is not considered as the safest place to drive. It has unpredictable drivers, roads, as well as relatively high rates of theft and accidents. 

People should keep their doors locked to prevent the car jackings and also watch out that other cars don’t box them in at the red lights.

Though most of the states are in better condition in terms of zona azul parking, otherwise major reasons of road accidents are animals and country potholes. It is advisable to not to drive at the night, if possible. Moreover, driving during and after the monsoon season can be proven hazardous too. People need to watch out for the unmarked speed bumps in all places.

In Brazil, people warn each other not to pass with the flashing left signal. There must be several reasons behind this but normally it indicates that it’s not safe to overtake others. Cars, when coming towards a person flashing their headlights warn that driver of near obstacles like the presence of traffic police or animals. Truck drivers need to be viewed with caution because there is no such law that asks them to rest or stop in a regular interval. Drivers in Brazil need to stop immediately if they see any speed camera. 

Driving Laws

Seat Belt
For drivers in Brazil, it is the legal requirement to use the seatbelts while their cars are moving. As there is a dangerous driving around them, so this law is more like a recommendation. 

Drink And Drive

If the people in Brazil get caught driving with maximum 60mg alcohol per 100 ml of blood, then they will be fined as well as receive the one-year suspension from driving any kind of vehicle. Furthermore, if they caught on more than 60 mg then it is considered as the criminal offense, that will lead them to the court case and possibly a jail sentence.

Must-Have Documents

For driving in Brazil, people only need the driving license. This is valid in Brazil for maximum six months. People do not need any official translation, but if they have one, it will be useful. 

Speed Limits

Motorways – 110 km/hour

Open Road – 80 to 100 km/hour

In town – 40 km/hour

Minimum Driving Age

For driving, Brazil has set the age for driving at 18 years, but if people are intended to hire the car, then the car rental company often insist them to be 21 years old or sometimes 23-years old. 

Immediate Fines

In Brazil, taking fines on the stop is very common yet illegal. But there are only two choices for the drivers: either they pay them or they get ready to face the hassle of larger fine and most of the time they have to go to the police station. Besides its illegality, it is easier and much cheaper to pay on the spot and close that topic. 

Minimum Driving Age

For driving, Brazil has set the age for driving at 18 years, but if people are intended to hire the car, then the car rental company often insist them to be 21 years old or sometimes 23-years old. 

Safety Camera Warning Devices

Those devices that warn people of speed cameras are openly available on the Internet and are not illegal. But people need to understand that these cameras have been kept for a reason, and they should not take them as a challenge.

Child Safety Rules

For children, there is a rule that if they are above ten years, they are not able to travel in the front seats of the cars. Children below one year must travel in the rear-facing safety seat. The kids between one and four must use the forward facing seat. Kids between four and seven must use the appropriate booster cushions. If these rules don’t get properly followed, drivers must have to pay fine up to £70. Additionally, they will get seven points on their licenses. 


In Brazil, it is compulsory to have at least third party insurance.

Road Rules

The standard laws of driving and Zona Azul parking will be applied with some exceptions. Such as:

  • People need to park their vehicles in the traffic flow direction, not facing it

  • Even if people are not obstructing traffic, still running out of the gas is considered as an offense

  • In Brazil, it is not legal to drive by wearing flip-flops. People can’t drive here with their arms resting on or out of the window ledge

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