Drinking Healthy with Vitamin Enhanced Water

by Hampry Gomes SEO

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind which eventually leads to a healthy life. To stay fit and healthy in today’s sedentary lifestyle has become a challenge. Spending most of our time sitting and glaring at a screen, eating fast-food multiple times a week, not getting enough sleep, all lead to a poor health.


How to Stay Fit and Healthy?


Diet is the most essential part of determining one’s health. It includes everything that a personeats and drinks. A person should be concerned about not only what they eat throughout the day but also what they drink.  Apart from diet, exercising a minimum of 30 minutes a day and sleeping around 8 hours every night also helps in keeping the body fit and the mind healthy and fresh.


Choosing the Right Drinking Water:


A person needs around 2-3 litres of water per day to stay fit and hydrated. To increase the benefits of drinking water, a variety of vitamin enhanced water or alkaline water are available in the market. Tru Balance is a company that provides high quality alkaline water which is rich in minerals and has a PH of 9.5.


Benefits of Alkaline Water:


An alkaline diet has been proven to provide multiple health benefits. Many celebrities also claim to have positive effects of this diet on their health. This diet also includes drinking water which has a high PH.


The Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water Include:


Detoxification: Gets rid of harmful toxins present inside the body.


Balanced PH: Keeps the body’s PH balanced.


Anti-oxidants: Human body contains numerous free radicals. They have been proven to cause cancer. Anti-oxidants help to fight against these free radicals and prevent their harmful effects.


Minerals: Such as calcium, magnesium and potassium help to keep the heart healthy, control blood pressure and maintain healthy bodily functions.


Hydration: Electrolytes keep the body hydrated.


Weight loss: Helps in losing weight by increasing the metabolism.


Anti-aging: Helps by delaying the aging process.


Arthritis: Prevents pain caused by arthritis.


Diabetes: Regulates body’s glucose level and helps in preventing diabetes.


How to Buy Tru Balance Alkaline Water in Texas?


It is available in various stores throughout Texas. Both single-serve bottles and large gallons are available. Single-serve bottle contains 16.9 Oz water and costs $8 for 12 bottles, whereas, 1 gallon costs $2.5.It is kept as minimum as possible to encourage more and more people to drink alkaline water and keep their bodies healthy and fresh.


The cities and stores in Texas where Tru Balance alkaline water is available include:


Dallas: Fiesta, Saver’s Cost Plus.


Houston: Nutrition Depot, Phoenicia food, Tri Health, Dominate Sports, Vegetarian Deli , Arlan’s, Fiesta.


San Antonio: Arlan’s, La Fiesta.




Fort Worth.


Alkaline water is now becoming more and more popular. Just by changing the habit of drinking regular water with alkaline water, a person can gain countless benefits on their overall health.


Contact Information: 


Tru Balance Water Inc 

Web Site: 

1415 South Voss #110-274  

Houston, TX 77057 

Telephone: 346-907-8400    

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