Dr. Rajesh Subramanya Reviews On Protecting Your Lungs

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Here in this article Dr Rajesh Subramanya Reviews on the Ways to protect and keep your Lungs Healthy.

Your body has a natural defense system designed to protect the lungs, keeping dirt and germs at bay. But there are some important things you can do to reduce your risk of lung disease. Here are some ways to keep your lungs healthy.

Don't Smoke

Tobacco smoke can narrow and inflame your airway and make it harder to breathe. It could irritate your lungs and give you a nagging cough. Over time, Dr Rajesh Subramanya Reviews the smoke that destroys tissue. Smoking is the No. 1 cause of lung cancer and the main cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a condition that damages the tiny air sacs in your lungs that process oxygen. 


Avoid Exposure to Indoor Pollutants That Can Damage Your Lungs

Secondhand smoke, chemicals in the home and workplace, and radon all can cause or worsen lung disease. Make your home and car smokefree. Test your home for radon. Avoid exercising outdoors on bad air days. And talk to your healthcare provider if you are worried that something in your home, school or work may be making you sick.

Prevent Infection

A cold or other respiratory infection can sometimes become very serious. There are several things you can do to protect yourself:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water. Alcohol-based cleaners are a good substitute if you cannot wash.

  • Avoids crowds during the cold and flu season.

  • Good oral hygiene can protect you from the germs in your mouth leading to infections. Brush your teeth at least twice daily and see your dentist at least every six months.

  • Get vaccinated every year against influenza. Talk to your healthcare provider to find out if the pneumonia vaccine is right for you.

  • If you get sick, keep it to yourself! Protect the people around you, including your loved ones, by keeping your distance. Stay home from work or school until you're feeling better.


Rajesh Subramanya oxford ms says, Whether you are young or old, slender or large, able-bodied or living with a chronic illness or disability, being physically active can help keep your lungs healthy. Out with the old -- air, that is -- and in with the new. That's the basis of breathing exercises designed to help people with lung diseases like asthma and COPD, which can trap stale air and sap the natural springiness of your lungs. "Pursed lip breathing" tries to slow your breaths, and "belly breathing" aims to deepen them, both in and out. Trained experts called pulmonary rehabilitation specialists can help you do them correctly.


Get Regular Check-ups

Regular check-ups help prevent diseases, even when you are feeling well. This is especially true for lung disease, which sometimes goes undetected until it is serious. During a check-up, your healthcare provider will listen to your breathing and listen to your concerns. If you need health insurance.

Check Your Appliances

Rajesh Subramanya mississippi Reviews Wherever gas burns, as in certain cooktops, ovens, and space heaters, it makes a chemical called nitrous oxide. This gas can inflame your lungs, make you cough and wheeze, and trigger asthma. You also make it when you burn wood, oil, coal, or kerosene. Make sure your appliances are installed the right way. Do regular maintenance, and pay special attention to how they send waste gases out of the house.

Keep Cockroaches Away

Their poop and bits of their bodies turn to dust on your floors, sheets, blankets, and furniture. When it gets stirred up into the air, it can trigger allergies and other lung problems. Kids who are in contact with this dust at an early age may be more likely to get asthma. Pest control can help. And try to keep your house as clean and dry as possible, especially fabrics and carpet.

Wash Your Hands

An airway infection, like a cold, can get into your lungs and cause serious health problems. You can help protect yourself and keep germs away if you wash your hands often with soap and water. Also brush your teeth twice a day, and go to your dentist at least twice a year. Make sure you get the flu vaccine every year. Stay away from school or work when you're sick so that you don't infect others.

Laugh More

It's a great workout for your stomach muscles and helps increase the amount of air your lungs can take in. Much like sports, jogging, or breathing exercises, a good laugh clears out stale air to make room for fresh air that can reach more parts of your lungs.

The Greatest Wealth Is Health ! Take Care  ! Live Happy !

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