Do’s and Don’ts while Writing a College Admission Essay

by Justin Mark Academic Writer

College admission essay is a kind of essay that provides information about the admission criteria of various colleges. These kinds of essays help the students to know about the kind of courses that are being offered by the college, along with this, such essays provide information about the standardized test scores. The college admission essays also include information about academic rigor, requirements of colleges and also about GPAs. It has been found that these essays provide candidature for various courses that are being provided by the colleges. It provides answers to specific questions of the students that elaborates various facts about the personality of applicants as demanded by university courses. It is found that the admission essays are similar to writing general essays and these essays do not follow any specific standard format.


One of the most important tasks for students is to identify different types of college admission essays that are required by the universities. The admission essays are classified on the basis of:

  1. Word Limit i.e. the number of words that has to be considered in a college admission essay. There are different word limits of the admission essays such as:

  • Very Short Question Answer that contains word limits of around 30-200 words.

  • Short Question Answer/ Essays that contains word limit of about 200- 500 words.

  • Long Question Answer and essays that includes word limit of more than 500 words but not more than 800 words.

  • Full-length essays that are written in about more than 800 words.

  1. Content i.e. it contains information about the college admission criteria and also it can be written in different ways such as :

  • Leadership essay

  • Situation essay

  • Goals essay

  • Failure essay

  • Ethical Dilemma essay

  • Career Progression essay

  • Achievements essay


  1. DO: Stick to the prompt

The first thing that is required from the students while writing a college admission essay is to write the relevant things about the particular topic. Students need to answer the questions that are required in the guidelines of the essay and after answering the question mentioned, the students may add extra information about the topics. The prompt provided by the colleges and universities are considered to be the backbone of a college admission essay.

  1. DON’T: Ramble

It is important for students to stick to the prompt as it will be easy for them to complete their college assignment on time. The students are recommended not to write stories and irrelevant information while doing this kind of essays. Outlining the essay is the best way for students to stick to the topic.

  1. DO: Select an interesting topic

The admission essays are completely dependent upon the students, so the students need to select an interesting topic so that it attracts a number of readers. Through these essays, the colleges come to know about the students at their personal level. While taking a college essay writing help students need to be innovative enough to select an interesting topic as the readers have already read a number of essays so the topic should be attractive so that the readers are hooked up to read the essay.

  1. DON’T: Lie

Honesty is the best policy and this phrase is always given importance. The honesty of the writers is always given the most priority as it is seen that the readers believe what the writers write in their assignments. As the college admission essay is all about the writer and his/her personal details, so the students need to mention correct details about themselves.

  1. DO: Show part of your life

While writing the admission essay writers need to develop a topic that helps them in defining something about their life and they need to frame a story in such as way that they are able to mention a part of their life. The life incident should be mentioned in such a way that the reader is able to sense the feeling of the writer. The students need to ensure that they do not write long timeline defining the event.

  1. DON’T: Copy and Paste

As the students write a college admission essay for a number of colleges, it becomes difficult for students to repurpose the application essay again and again. The students face problems in writing number of essays as the information included in this kind of essay is almost the same; personal details and life experiences.

  1. DO: Simple language

There are a number of students who intentionally use complex and sophisticated sentences and thus the use of such kind of sentences makes it difficult for the reader to understand the information provided by the writers. So, the students need to use simple and interesting sentences as it will become easy for readers to understand the data provided in admission essays.

  1. DON’T: Rely on spellcheck

The students are recommended that they should not rely on the spelling checker and grammar checking software as it has been seen that in some cases these software are not able to check the documents properly and make some mistakes. In such cases, the students are recommended to check and proofread the admission essays on their own so that they can be sure that the data written by them is error free.

  1. DO: Get feedback from the mentors

The students are recommended to take the feedback from their respective mentors so that they can know about their mistakes and can improve them from the next time. Students need to meet their mentors so that they must seek help to improve their writing skills.

  1. DON’T: Wait until last minute

It is meant that if the students have applied in more number of colleges they need to wait until the last two weeks before the due dates in order to know about the status of the application processes. If the students didn’t get any reply from the colleges they have applied in, in that case, students can apply in various colleges. 

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