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Earlier the contact lenses were for vision correction only but the scenario is completely changed now. They are an important part of fashion industry and are used to complete any stylish look. One of the most popular types of contact lenses is the colored contact lenses. They are available in different color options. These lenses can be used to enhance the natural eye color or to completely change the eye color, depending on the desired effect. Colored contact lenses bring a noticeable change to the wearer’s appearance.

Novelty contact lenses

Novelty contact lenses are one of the majorly used contact lenses during Halloween or other costume parties. Such lenses are used for fun and give the wearer all together a different look. These lenses make your appearance look so real that they bring out the character in your personality that you are dressed in. These fun and wacky fashion accessories can help add that element of surprise when others look in your eyes. They come in various different designs and can give you the desired effect such as wild, scary, vampire or glow in the dark.

Novelty contact lenses are safe to use as long as the precautions are followed. All lenses, whatever reason they may be used for cosmetic or corrective, require similar precautions and care.

Types of novelty contact lenses

Novelty contact lenses are available in different types such as colored novelty contact lenses, crazy contact lenses and glow in the dark contact lenses.

Colored novelty contact lenses

Individuals who want a different look for their eyes by changing their eye color, these lenses are perfect for them.  They are available in an assortment of colors such as blue, green, violet, and hazel, purple, brown among many others. These lenses can be used by both light eye colored and dark ye colored people.

Crazy novelty contact lenses

This type of novelty contacts are used by people mostly during Halloween. Crazy Novelty contacts are available in various designs and styles. They have different type of designs imprinted over them and give your eyes a completely different look. Examples of these lenses are: wolf, red, avatar, cat eye, zombie and many more.

Flashy novelty contact lenses

Such type of novelty contact lenses are best for individuals those who want to stand out in the crowd. They can make you the center of attraction on the dance floor in a club or disco. Flashy contact lenses seem natural during normal day light but under black lights or any other colored light, they glow supernaturally. These lenses are available in a variety of color options such as blue flash, green flash, pink flash, yellow flash and many more.

Wear and care instructions of novelty contact lenses

  • Get a prescription before buying them 
  • Wash your hands before wearing and removing lenses
  • Clean your novelty contact lenses only with disinfecting lens solution
  • When not using, store the lenses in the lens case
  • Replace your lens case every three months
  • Do not share your contact lenses with your family member or friends
  • Follow the proper replacement schedule and never use them after their usage date
  • Wear them only for the recommended time duration

Novelty contact lenses can be fun to use but be sensible when it comes to the above mentioned precautions. Buy your pair of novelty contact lenses from a legitimate source like sclera-lenses. They offer the lenses in a wide range of models, colors and options. Their selection is created to suit everyone’s taste. Match the color and design of your eyes with the costume and desired character. These lenses are simply in and the range of lenses they offer is constantly growing as they strive to provide you with the widest range possible to choose from. All their lenses bear a CE marking and are also ISO certified. 

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