Don't share these research paper writing tips with anyone

by Kaylee Brown Professional Writer

 If you are in your final years of academia and want to score the best grades amongst your class friends, you cannot share these research paper writing tips with anyone. Now, let me give you a rundown. 

A research paper is the best academic writing which contains theoretical and substantive material which is well researched. The author's credibility and competency are judged upon the recommendations provided by the author following the research methodology. 

It can include arguments based on a thesis with substantial evidence from several supportive and reputable sources. That is also who the author's ability to carry out independent research is admired and based on the recommendations and findings; the researcher graded even getting to publish the paper is also a possibility. Let us see, what we meant by 'can't share tip as' here,

·         Never be afraid to research – 

The Internet is simply the most excellent spot to search around if one wishes to locate informative and reputable sources of knowledge. Many books, publications, reviews, and so on are available for you to choose from.   

Choose an area of interest from the subject for the dissertation and start reading. Try to make your search simpler using the Catalog and Google. Try looking for topics that, according to you, show little to no research being conducted and start reading related literature for more clarity and methodology followed by other scholars.

  • Note everything – 

That is by far the best advice one can give while conducting your research. Keep a notebook or spreadsheet in MS Excel open for you to take notes from. While going through related literature, please note the most necessary information like 'Title,' 'Author,' 'Publication,' 'Year,' 'Key takeaway. In your own words, what is the critique the author answered through the research? If performed thoroughly, this will help you immensely. 

  • Outlining – 

That is the next stage where you find your topic and note essential information; now, before you sit to write down, please make sure you make a plan that will help you keep track of everything and help you be organized throughout. That is mandatory, as one needs to write more than one copy to reach a level of satisfaction and submit it to the panel of professors. 

  • Start writing – 

Keeping your distractions at bay is a great way; keeping your phone on silent, social media accounts logged off, adequate lighting, a belly full of food, and regular 1-2 hours are the prerequisites. That is the section you're going to put into the document, greater depths so that others can read it and comprehend it. If you feel like you lack research, feel free to do so.

Follow the structure – 

Research papers are structured, and you need to follow the structure to write your dissertation vehemently. The structure is as follows, 

    1. Abstract – As the name suggests, please summarize the thesis; please write your abstract at last.
    2. Introduction – Keep it short but catchy, and include your problem statements here.
    3. Literature Review - Use a vast range of sources; make sure that you cover the basics of your subject. Lastly, present all clearly and structurally.
    4. Methodology – This chapter describes which methods you followed to collect, how the information is evaluated, and why this approach was chosen. You have greater credibility by being honest and debating the risks of your method.
    5. Results – Include actual findings, but please make sure you represent the data visually.
    6. Discussion – Own it; use your own words to justify how you have done it. Leaving the conversation open with questions you found your research couldn't answer is a great way to ensure value.
    7. Conclusion – Most critical part, take time writing it, highlight the achievements, including recommendations. Only start writing when your final draft is completed. 

    Ensure grammatical errors and plagiarism-free content. You can also delegate work by looking for research paper help.

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