Don’t Lose Out – These Mistakes Can Cost Your Car Insurance!

by Umar Saeed Marketer

We all know how important car insurance is. We all have or at one time have had a policy of our own. Car insurance, in fact, all insurance policies, are designed to safeguard our interests as well as the insurance providers. The policy protects us and our possessions and simultaneously provides funds for the insurance company to invest for further profit. It is a mutually beneficial deal.

However, certain actions can threaten this business relationship and render your car insurance policy null and void. They can be as tiny as keeping your car unlocked when you park it in public, to as big as insurance fraud. If you want to maintain your car insurance and ensure all your claims go through you should avoid making the following mistakes.


Withholding Information

It’s a bad idea to keep information from your insurance provider. We don’t mean tell them anything and everything. You don’t need to tell them your favorite color, or what you’re streaming on Netflix these days. But you do need to give them accurate and complete information related to your vehicle, yourself, and your policy.

If you lie about your personal details or withhold information about any of the principal participants who will be included in the car insurance policy, the insurance provider has reasonable grounds to reject any claims made, or to rescind the policy completely.

Similarly, if you made any alterations to the vehicle before or after the insurance policy you need to inform the insurance provider immediately. If modifications were made and the insurance provider didn’t know about them they can legally abstain from providing any coverage whatsoever.


Not Taking Proper Care of Your Vehicle

Another way to get on the wrong side of your car insurance policy is by avoiding regular vehicular maintenance. When a company insurance your car they insure it with the understanding that the car will meet its regular checkups. If the car is in a bad condition at the time of a claim the company can forfeit any responsibility.

Every year, car insurance comes up for renewal. If your vehicle’s condition has deteriorated in the past year due to lack of maintenance can reflect poorly on you as a client. It will also mean a new assessment of your vehicle’s value and risk to the company affecting your ultimate premium.


Lending/Borrowing of Vehicles

One more thing you should never do is drive someone else’s car, or let anyone borrow yours. The reason behind this is that every car insurance policy details who is authorized to drive it. This can include any number of people but their information needs to be part of the policy. If a car gets into an accident and someone not specifically mentioned on the policy was driving then the company can reject any and all claims.

Similarly, vehicles should not be used for purposes other than the ones specified in the car insurance policy. If a car is found to be used for purposes other than those specified the car insurance can be terminated immediately.


These are just a few of the things you should vary of when getting car insurance in the UAE. You can find more such pearls of wisdom on our specially curated blogs

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