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by Tom Johnson Marketing Analyst

Look around your office and find out what is the thing which has been so constant in the last few years. The age-old telephone service or better known as EPABX is the one which hasn’t been changed. In the area of communication, EPABX (electronic private automatic branch exchange) is the equipment which has made working in office much simpler. Cloud Telephony solution is what you need to replace with the EPABX. Gventure is providing you with various VoIP software solutions; cloud telephony solution is among them.

Most of your business is today conducted over your employee’s mobile phone, unlike those wired office phones which worked earlier. Wired network has been replaced broadband Wi-Fi, the computer has been replaced by a laptop, standard phone replaced by a smartphone which signifies the employees are moving towards the newest technology.

And yet your receptionist is managing your business calls for your business which she is relying on the old age EPABX. This system is available only during the office hours as well as quietly expensive and burdened with the limitations which are associated with landlines and humans still managing it.

Despite the divergent language, there's actually very little that separates these two terms i.e., EPABX and cloud telephony from each other. Cloud phone systems and EPABX essentially offer the same phone system functionality.  Where cloud telephony solutions give you the major customization.

Why there is a need for Cloud Telephony Solution?

There is no doubt that cloud-based solution brings numerous benefits to business of all sizes from small to large. Clouds service nowadays to be very rage and it makes sense too.

As the name implies, a communications technology where communication devices are hosted at the service provider’s door is known as cloud telephony. There is no need to install any software or buy you any hardware to get these services started if any business is interested. These services can be installed anywhere such as mobile or computer systems, desktop, laptop or tablet. The service like call center setup, call recording, IVR and much more which can be customized as per your need and any changes can be made.

The move to the cloud has been well documented over recent years and much has been made of these business benefits. So here we are with our top 5 cloud telephony solution business benefits.

Mobility: You can be log on from anywhere at any time depending on your internet connectivity. Your team stays in contact as well as productive enabling the more efficient strategies which can help boost employee job satisfaction and motivation.

Redundancy: Suppose that your workplace is sadly tormented by an unforeseen event like power cuts and strikes or worse a natural disaster like a storm or fireplace, it's typically the case that your business communication lines are also affected and not just for those team members who are based mostly within the workplace. A typically unnoted business advantage of cloud telecommunication is that such solutions give businesses with a further layer of redundancy.

Cost Efficiencies: Cloud telephony solutions also require significantly less upfront capital expenditure on server hardware and (Virtual Private Network) VPN infrastructures, greatly reducing a purchase decisions impact on the business cash flow. As cloud-based solutions are subscription based, companies only pay a nice, easy to manage monthly fee for the number of users that they need, supporting them with spreading costs.

Simplicity: Cloud telephony does not require any additional onsite hardware or virtualization infrastructure. By eliminating these infrastructure requirements, telephony systems are simplified, freeing up IT administrators to focus on other task or projects.

Greater Scalability: All your system users do not need to be in the same office as cloud-based solutions help break down geographical barriers, which offers additional business success benefits, i.e. increasing geographical reach and presence. Businesses are particularly attracted to cloud solutions thanks to the scalability that they offer. Cloud telephony solutions are no different, providing companies with the ability to grow their system in-line with business growth. Adding new users and new extensions could not be simpler and new devices can be provisioned with a matter of minutes.

About Gventure,

Are you looking for next cloud telephony solution? Talk about your project with our experts. We here, use Asterisk to build custom communications solutions and to build innovative communications products such as cloud telephony which consist of IVR and many more. Whether you are using VoIP software, Gventure can help you on various VoIP software solutions which you’ll agree on the next steps of your project.

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