Dog Bite Lawyer - What To Do If You've Been Bitten

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Hi guys los angeles dog bite lawyer here and in this video los angeles dog bite lawyers are going to talk about dog bite cases how they work and what you have to prove and how to protect your rights. 

So stay tuned I happen to like animals los angeles dog bite lawyer grew up around dogs and cats some dogs are very well-mannered they rarely bark at anybody and they pretty much get along with everyone but some dogs are aggressive and it doesn't really matter what size. 

Dog Bite Lawyer

They are you can have tiny dogs that are aggressive and if they bite you they can break the skin and you can end up with a scar or infection and you might even need stitches but what an aggressive dog is large and strong and it attacks a person especially a child then the injuries can literally be life-threatening. 

So talking about what los angeles dog bite lawyers are about to discuss is important because if you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog you need to know how to protect your rights the first thing los angeles dog bite lawyer want to tell you is that there's a personal 
injury law that protects people in dog bite cases. 

If an owner or keeper of a dog allows the dog to bite you then you can recover and get your medical bills paid and you can also be compensated for pain and suffering and any scars that you have the problem here is that if a tenant is keeping an aggressive dog. 

And the landlord doesn't know about it then the landlord's insurance may not want to pay thankfully using the Animal Control Act is not your only option for a dog bite case there are other ways to handle these cases and a good experienced dog bite lawyer knows how to do it the next thing los angeles dog bite lawyer want you to know about dog bite cases is that depending on the legal theory. 

We're pursuing los angeles dog bite lawyer may or may not have to prove that the dog is aggressive or that he's bitten somebody else in the past if you pursue your case under the Animal Control Act you don't have to prove that the dog was aggressive or bid anyone else but if los angeles dog bite lawyers are proceeding under a negligence theory. 

We do have to prove that the owner or keeper of the dog was negligent for leaving a fence gate or not having at all enough sense then you have to prove that the dog escaped the yard or is her harassed or bitten people in the past finally you should know that in a dog bite case. 

You can recover the entire range of damages that are available in almost every kind of injury case this can include scarring and disfigurement loss of income payment of medical bills even damages if the dog cripples or kill someone insurance companies are experienced in defending these kinds of cases because they see lots of them. 

So you probably shouldn't try to handle a dog bite case by yourself at a minimum you should get a free consultation with los angeles dog bite lawyer who can evaluate your case and tell you what to look for. 

And what to look out for los angeles dog bite lawyer hope this information helps you and your family injury lawyers usually offer free consultations and a good lawyer will talk to you for free and give you their opinion on your case los angeles dog bite lawyer hope this information helps. 

But if you have any more questions please call los angeles dog bite lawyer at hurt I have operators standing by to take your call or if you'd like to learn more but you're not quite ready to speak with a los angeles dog bite lawyer.

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