Does this Pandemic Affect my Criteria for a Marketing Company?

by Mohit J. White Hat Link Building Services
Advertising is one of those necessary evils so paramount to society, that it truly couldn’t function without it. Those who are particularly annoyed by the existence of advertising like to blame capitalism as though advertising and marketing wouldn’t be necessary in any other economic model, but the truth of the matter is, there is no such thing as an economic model that wouldn’t require it.

The real problem is that, traditionally, there haven’t existed any models for marketing that weren’t utterly obnoxious to the average person. These models still worked, especially on the very young or those who weren’t particularly annoyed by it, but the public at large has long hated most approaches to marketing.

Even before the pandemic arrived, people were looking for a marketing company in Toms River who could provide an alternative approach to this problem. But, this pandemic does have an effect on criteria when looking for a marketing company in Wall, just not quite in the way you might expect. It’s more that the existing problems and necessary changes have simply been hastened in a rather extreme way by this pandemic.

Are the old ways truly dead?

The old approaches to marketing, such as television ads, radio ads, things in periodicals, telemarketing – these are all old, obsolete and we should in fact be glad for this. These approaches were all extremely obnoxious, for a host of reasons. In fact, specifically addressing television advertising, the existence of commercials is one of the two big reasons why broadcast television is doomed. The other is the fact that people have become rather accustomed to watching what they want when they want free of schedules, and yes, free of those annoying commercial interruptions. The pandemic has gotten people further used to this, relying so much on the Internet and services like Netflix to keep them entertained during quarantine.

Periodicals are dying off simply because the Internet can provide the same materials and information, and people have never been okay with telemarketing, and even big advertising agencies will grudgingly admit that telemarketing is at best unethical. It is worth noting that in many countries, telemarketing will soon be quite illegal as well.

What can a marketing company in Wall do in light of this?

So, if the old ways are dead, you’re probably thinking that the new approach is email campaigns, web banners, SEM and the like. Yes and no. Email advertising and marketing can work, but only within the context of people who actually subscribe to marketing lists, people who actually want to receive that information. Web banners and other ads integrated into websites never worked, and they never will, as ad blocking software is here to stay. Admit it, you use ad blockers and so do I.

The real future is in social media marketing and SEO marketing, which are passive approaches based around the customer looking for you, and thus being reached. A solid marketing company in Toms River is well prepared to embrace these new, more-effective and far less-annoying approaches to advertising. The pandemic is not what shaped this future, it simply made this future a reality far sooner than it otherwise would have been. It is time to abandon the old, antagonistic approaches to marketing, and to embrace these new, engaging, creative and benevolent forms. It is scientifically proven that they work better, and it won’t alienate people who are presently looking for your product or service. It may seem intimidating now, but this stuff is actually much easier than you would expect, at least when you have a solid marketing agency by your side who understands the technology and the sociology behind it.

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