Does PRP Provide Relief From Joint Pain?

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If you have osteoarthritis, the gradual wearing down of the joint bones protective cartilage, or rheumatoid arthritis, in which our immune system attacks healthy tissues in our joints. You may probably rely on medication to get rid of the pain associated with it and can then get through the day. But if you dislike the idea of being on drugs for long-term due to the potential side-effects they can cause, we may have an edge cutting solution for you to get rid of your joint pains.

You may have heard about how athletes overcome serious injuries by accelerating healing with the use of edge cutting injections of platelet-rich plasma therapy. A question may arise in your head, that is it right for you? If Pain Management Therapy Arizona can benefit athletes like professional footballers, repair ligaments, and even bone, could it help normalize and heal your joint tissues?

Pain Management Doctors in Phoenix, as well as rheumatologists, recommend PRP for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other types of joint pain. PRP Injection Therapy Phoenix works with your own body’s healing process to repair your joints so that they stop hurting you anymore.

The process to obtain PRP from blood: 

Once the Pain Management Doctors in Phoenix determines that you can get benefited from joint pain through PRP, the process starts with a simple blood draw through your body. A syringe is used to take a few tablespoons of blood from arm arteries. Then the blood is processed in a specialized, sterile centrifuge that separates the plasma from the solids, and then further separates the small cell fragments known as platelets.

Platelets are plate-shaped cell fragments that are further filled with growth factors. When the blood is injected back, your body naturally rushes blood to the site of injury, and you may notice swelling after you have been cut or bruised. The platelets present in your blood coagulate to avoid blood loss and start the healing process by triggering your body to rebuild tissue. Pain Management Doctors in Phoenix make super-concentrate these healing platelets by mixing them back into a small amount of your plasma. The product produced (PRP) has up to ten times the amount of platelets as non-concentrated blood. PRP is a biologically compatible therapy which is not rejected by your body because it is made from your own blood and also produces no side effects.

Inflammation: Get PRP shorts 

The serum is directly injected into the site of your pain when it is ready. When this rich plasma is injected it stimulates the growth factor, and your body produces fibroblasts and endothelial cells, which helps in the reduction of inflammation. Furthermore, PRP helps your body to form healthy new blood vessels, increasing circulation to the area to accelerate repair and flush away waste materials.

Helps in regeneration of damaged tissue 

Our body works in a way that repairs damaged tissues itself, but when you get degraded or inflamed cartilage in your joints, your body can not resist it. PRP Injection Therapy Phoenix accelerates healing so that your body can cure the damage by itself and boost the repair. According to numerous Pain Management Doctors in Phoenix, PRP can help you regenerate cartilage that is been degraded by arthritis.

Say bye-bye to joint pain: 

As we know, PRP is a regenerative therapy that helps your body to repair itself. One can regain mobility and get rid of discomfort in joint pain over the weeks to months after the treatment. You can notice instant results and feel the difference in how you feel in just a few weeks. The body will keep on improving day by day and keeps on forming healthy new tissues over the next six months. Both men and women with hicked joint pain issues require a series of Pain Management Therapy Arizona to get benefited and achieve the results they seek. We strongly recommend having yearly follow-ups to keep your joints healthy.

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