Does Meditation Make You A Better Person?

by Dillon Patterson Article Publisher

Like Yoga, meditation is often portrayed in social media as a cool thing to do. Celebrities post photos of themselves in meditation mode, as if it's something to feel good about. Is it?

What goes on inside the mind of a meditator? Does meditation really make you feel good? What benefits can you get from it. We will try to answer these questions down the line. First, we should know how meditation got to where it is today.

Meditation is an ancient practice that came from the Buddhists in India. In those days, it was a fundamental part of daily life. Books mentioned it all the time, and Gurus (teachers) taught it to students at an early age.

Meditation was also linked to religion at that time. It was akin to saying a prayer in order to achieve salvation. For this reason, the practice eventually proliferated to neighboring Asian nations, and it eventually made its way to the west. Meditation was initially met by western philosophers with skepticism. Later on, it was slowly acknowledged by some people as a recreational activity. For instance, it was embraced by the American popular culture in the mid 1800's.

Nowadays, Yoga is practiced by millions of people all around the world, and part of it involves meditation. To some, meditation has become part and parcel of their daily life. It is not merely to show how "cool" it is. More importantly, these folks treat it as an exercise of the mind.

So, what goes on inside the mind of a meditator? Here are a few ideas:

·         Breathing, which is often overlooked, becomes important.

·         A mantra is spoken by the mind repeatedly.

·         After a while, the mind wanders freely.

·         The worries, hesitations, could haves, would haves, and shortcomings emerge.

·         Distractions are welcomed, then let go.

·         The brain and the eyes are allowed to relax.

If the meditator transforms into Doctor Strange by the end of the session, then congrats! The goal has been achieved! All kidding aside, meditation can be a powerful tool to attain balance and inner piece. You may not gain the power to fly or move things with your mind, but you'll become calmer, more focused, and have amplified presence of mind in crucial decision making situations.

Meditation Benefits

There have been studies by neuroscientists that show how meditating regularly can improve brain function in the long run. This means better memory recall and the ability to process information more quickly.

Scientists believe that meditation is like brain training. The more you do it, the more you become proficient at it. For example, astrophysicists try to solve complex problems on a daily basis, and they become better with age. The same is true for musicians. They become better through repetition.

Laser Focus

Meditation trains the mind to focus on something and disregard the background noise. It is extremely difficult to concentrate, especially in a rapidly changing environment. If you meditate regularly, then it will become second nature to pay attention to the important things and ignore the trivial ones.

Cool Under Pressure

Breathing is the best way to relieve stress. That's why your friends or loved ones tell you to "take a deep breath" when you lose your cool. In the same manner, meditation also gives considerable importance to breathing. It actually begins with breath awareness. The rise and fall of the chest is a simple way to practice self-awareness. When there's nothing else to think about but breathing, your perspective of your surroundings changes.

Positive Attitude

Meditation encourages a positive attitude through mind exercises that deal with love and compassion. Thoughts that promote love are generally used to get the meditator into a transcendental state.

If your mind is constantly trained to look at the bright side, then you'll have higher chances of getting good results. Even failure has a bright side. It leads to success.

These are the benefits that meditation can give you. You may not turn into a superhero by doing it, but you will definitely become a better person in the process.

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