Do You Suck At Advertising?

by Dan Carter Is there ever a perfect time?

Advertising and traffic are the life-blood of internet marketing. A website without traffic is about as much use as a shop without customers. In fact, they are both the same. On the way to closing down!

Advertising needs to be aimed at attracting traffic to your website. That is its sole purpose on the internet. When a shop advertises, it can be advertising any of the products that it sells or the services that it provides. It does not really advertise the shop, although it wants people to come to the shop to buy.

When you are advertising on the internet you must channel all your efforts into getting people to click on the link to your website, either your own or an affiliate site. It is the website's job to sell the product.

So how do you attract all this traffic to your website? Well, of course, there are numerous ways to try to channel traffic to your website and they all vary in difficulty, amount of time and effort needed and the money required.

Think about how much you could be spending, or already are spending on web traffic efforts. With this system, you can get web traffic again and again. That's going to save you a ton of time and money in the long run.

If you want to build your own list, send the traffic to your squeeze page. If you want to make sales, send it to your sales page. And if you’re an affiliate marketer with no product or website of your own, you could simply send your traffic through your affiliate link.

New Break Through Software Leverages FREE Traffic To Get You More Leads, Sales, And Commissions In Minutes.

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Unlocking A Flood of Quality Traffic Is Now Point & Click Easy Introducing...Money Pages. Like trending posts and get traffic from your peers.

Automatically unfollow people who don’t follow you back. Connect your Pinterest to Facebook & Twitter and post there too for extra traffic. Promote your site and offer using custom descriptions, links, and call to actions.

It takes a lot of work, craftiness, planning and investment to generate sales from a mature platform. Why?

Because everyone is on it already. You’re competing with your neighbor, his wife and his grandma. It’s hard to win even with good execution when people are simply throwing money at your favorite platform and eating up all the inventory.

Want To Win? Go Beyond The Obvious Strategy

If you do what everybody else is doing, you’re going to get what remains when everyone else is done. What you need to do is go beyond the obvious. Reach out beyond what everyone has grasped and taken your share from the pie that not everybody is focusing on.

For, you dear online seller, want your piece of pie

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