Do You Have The Right Paper For The Printing And Tracing Of Sewing Patterns

by Liz Seyi Digital marketing manager

It’s difficult to deny that there has been a major turnaround in the fortunes of sewing in recent years – and it’s once again partly down to the 21st-century appeal of all things retro among Millennials and Generation Zers.

In much the same way as vinyl records came roaring back to popularity as something premium and different in the age of streaming, and home baking was rejuvenated in the wake of The Great British Bake Off’s success, the BBC’s The Great British Sewing Bee has led to many more people reaching for sewing machines and knitting needles.

We can be your go-to source of sewing media

Home sewing and dressmaking, then, are back with a vengeance, as a new generation takes up the hobby. However, they are also back in a very 21st-century way, with younger people interested in knowing how to sew and knit often learning the process from YouTube tutorials, rather than their parents or school, as was often the case for previous generations.

It is also as part of the resurgence of this traditional discipline, that the opportunity has opened up for printing and copy shops to offer pattern printing as a service, with pattern designs being downloaded and emailed to printers and the printed patterns subsequently being posted to customers. All the while, the surge in home sewing is leading many pattern designers to create a range of patterns to market.

All of the above has also translated into heightened demandamong enthusiasts and professionals alike for the right media for the printing and tracing of sewing patterns. It is demand that we are pleased to be able to satisfy here at Prizma Graphics, as longstanding and trusted suppliers of all manner of specialised media and printing essentials.

So, whether you are a fashion designer, upholstery designer, sewing pattern designer, sewing pattern printer or amateur or professional dressmaker, which papers of ours right now may best suit your preferences and requirements?

Turn to us for the ideal transparent lightweight paper

Soon to become available from Prizma Graphics is a 40gsm Ultra Lightweight Transparent Inkjet Paper that will be a truly universal product, compatible for use with all wide-format inkjet printers.

The 40gsm weight is an especially popular one among those seeking paper for the production of upholstery patterns. However, this particular paper is ideal for any sewing pattern, including not only cushion and furniture upholstery patterns, but also fashion design sewing patterns.

It’s an even lighter-weight paper than our ever-popular 60gsm paper, providing greater transparency while also being easy to fold and more cost-effective for postage.

Or why not order our 60gsm lightweight semi-opaque paper?

Suitable for a wider range of applications than the aforementioned paper is our 60gsm lightweight semi-opaque inkjet paper, which is available on both a 2” and 3” core and therefore can be used with toner-based as well as inkjet printers.

 Indeed, you may prefer to choose this paper if your organisation or print department operates both aforementioned types of printers, as it will save you from having to purchase more than one product, thereby reducing your necessary stock levels.

This particular 60gsm paper is especially renowned for its ability to hold line colour well, which means you can look forward to clean and sharp line definition for both monochrome and line colour prints.

You may also select this paper for tracing patterns by hand, given that it slips less than tracing paper.

We give you a number of options for tracing sewing patterns by hand

Whether you’re looking for cut sheets or Rolls Of Tracing Paper, the traditional tracing paper that we offer in a lightweight 63gsm form may suit your needs just nicely. It is a recyclable, highly calendared paper made from chlorine-free wood pulp, with a completely uniform makeup for the utmost transparency. Although less white than our 40gsm and 60gsm inkjet papers, its smooth surface lends itself well to manual drafting using ink, graphite and pencils.

As we touched on above, our 60gsm Lightweight Semi-Opaque Inkjet Paper is also suitable for tracing patterns by hand and is often preferred to tracing paper, given that it is less slippy and therefore enables easier tracing. Its whiteness may also make it a favourable alternative to the greyish tone of tracing paper.

Finally, we are also delighted to have in our stock 53gsm C300 Detail Paper. This lightweight typo detail paper is perfect for typographical layouts, tracing, overlays and type, while its transparency makes it second only to tracing paper in this regard. 

There’s no need to look any further than Prizma Graphics

 Are you unsure about which papers may best suit the printing and tracing of your sewing patterns – or indeed, any other application? In that case, simply give the Prizma Graphics team a call today, on 01296 393700. Whatever your creative pursuits may be through to the end of 2019 and into 2020, we’ll provide the media that will help you to achieve the very best results!


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