Do You Find Accounting Boring? Certainly Not If You Choose Right Career Path

by Vedant Dwivedi Finance Manager

Well, accounting is not as boring as it seems to be and that’s true. People usually refer to accounting as a field typically associated with preparing taxes and nothing else. They consider it as a field in which one will be cooped up in an office all day long, poring through spreadsheets and other financial paperwork.

However, this process has widely changed in recent years. In reality, the accounting field offers some of the best and most fascinating work opportunities in any sector. If one is looking for a professional accounting career that could take them somewhere exciting for the rest of their life, here are some of the best options they should definitely look into.


In any organization, an auditor plays a crucial role in the “checks and balances” system. In essence, it is their responsibility to verify the trustworthiness and accuracy of the company’s financial records. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) conducts audits of corporations in the same manner as it does with individuals, so this is crucial information to have. An internal auditor would double-check the books to ensure there are no big discrepancies before an external audit is conducted. They may help a business file its tax returns and other financial paperwork on time and with the right authorities, as well as ensure that it is in full compliance with all regulations that apply to it.

Forensic Accountant

Incredibly, one of the most sought-after professions in the police force today is that of a forensic accountant. Fraud examiners, as the name implies, investigate allegations of wrongdoing and use their extensive accounting knowledge to form informed legal judgements on particular cases. Those with a keen eye for detail will thrive in this role, as their findings and suggestions will need to stand up in court. A court or lawyer won’t give a nod if they messed up the numbers and may use it against them.

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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The CFOs are more than just accountants; they are often considered the “brains” of their companies. Their job is to control the many financial hazards that any company faces, considering there are plenty of them in every field. They keep an eye on things like income, expenditures, assets, liability, and more, in addition to planning and recording financial transactions. Finance and several parts of human resources are also under their watchful eye.

Finance Manager

A finance manager is the finance lead of a company. They are responsible for keeping an eye on a company’s finances. They investigate the issue, use analytics to make educated judgments, and keep tabs on past performance using reports. In this role, you’d be expected to devise the kind of long-term financial plans that may help a business thrive. A direct report to senior management, their significance cannot be overstated.

Financial Controller

In large companies, financial controllers typically report directly to the chief financial officer and are responsible for overseeing all accounting operations. They also keep an eye on the company’s finances. They keep things honest so the company can constantly go forward. The position is not an entry-level position and financial controllers typically receive good promotions within the companies.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

CPAs are professionals who can choose their clients and employers. They have the option of staying in the more traditional role of an accountant or expanding their horizons to that of a business consultant. They have a lot of responsibilities, including handling the company’s finances and filing taxes. However, in many cases, they play a crucial part in developing the kinds of financial plans that help businesses flourish in the future.

Tax Consultant

A tax consultant offers a more personalised service than an accountant. They will analyse a business’s financial records to determine the best way to save costs for their clients. This is not a typical entry-level job; they will likely begin their career in accounting and finance as a tax accountant, however, if they can prove their worth, they may be promoted to a position to provide more strategic input. However, keep in mind that all tax accountants are required to hold a valid CPA licence in the state where they work.

Sports Team Accountant

One of the most rewarding jobs for sports fans is working as a sports accountant. It’s a great opportunity to acquire hands-on experience with both the financial and human resources aspects of running a professional sports team. There is a lot of leeway in this field of work as well. Professional sports accountants may work for a team or league directly, or they may choose to work independently

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