Do I Need A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer For Minor Injuries?

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It’s not uncommon for Alaskans to be involved in pedestrian accidents. Studies reveal that a vast number of pedestrian’s accidents are caused by driver’s carelessness. While some pedestrian accidents leave victims with minor injuries, others cause disabilities or even death. The main question arises whether one should seek legal help if they think the injuries were minor or they should walk away with the few dollars they receive from negotiations with the at-fault driver. Whether the at-fault driver was speeding on was under the influence of drugs and alcohol, you stand a chance to seek for compensation even if you think you injuries are minor.


Three Reasons Why You Need A Pedestrian Lawyer For Your Minor Injuries

 Just like any other personal injury case, pedestrian accidents are intertwined with negligence. It’s most likely a pedestrian will file a claim against the driver who hit them. Most pedestrians assume that simply because they got involved in an accident with a car, their case is an open and shut. This is not always the case. Unfortunately, some of them end up losing their case by thinking the law will favor them. If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, you stand a better chance if you choose to work with top lawyers in Anchorage. There are many benefits why you should not go ahead to tackle your case without legal representation. Some of them include:

ü Minor injuries may turn out to be worse: It’s a known fact that some injuries take time to appear. The odds are that the insurance adjuster will assume you never suffered in the first place. It’s only an experienced doctor who can answer the question of whether you have suffered minor injuries. A good lawyer can help you get an experienced doctor who will give out the right report based on the severity of present injuries. He/she will also give advice on any injuries that may take time to appear and include it in your medical report.

ü You don’t know how to deal with the claim adjusters: Insurance companies are out for business. If you make a mistake by talking to the insurance company first before speaking to a lawyer, they will look out for all possible means to offer a low settlement or deny your claim.

ü A lawyer will lighten your legal burden: In most of the car accidents with pedestrian’s cases the driver blames the pedestrian. No one will take you seriously if you don’t have any legal representation. In case your case moves to trial, your lawyer will work out towards your best interests.

 Due to the above, you cannot assume the importance of having top lawyers in Anchorage fight for you.


Getting The Right Settlement Value

One of the most common questions in all personal injury cases is how much one will get for their settlement value. No matter the severity of your injuries as a pedestrian, you should be willing to work with top lawyers in Anchorage Ak to get an idea of what settlement to expect. The fact is that every case proves to be different. This could be the degree of fault, the age of the pedestrian, among others. All in all, two main things seem to carry weight when determining the value. They include:

ü The severity of injuries

ü The person who was at fault

 No matter how your injuries may seem to be, the help of an experienced lawyer should not be underrated. If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, the best option would be to consult top lawyers in Anchorage Ak. Such lawyers will look for potential strategies to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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