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Accumulating wealth often relates to the spending of that wealth as the unending desires of individuals and their increased purchasing power renders them capable of making sizable expenditures in an attempt to better the experience of life. One major area that every Human is biologically compelled to constantly enhance is the abode or home. What started off as a mere requirement due to the nature of our species has become a luxury that we all constantly strive for. Homes and their owners form a symbiotic relationship wherein each relies on the other for upliftment into a better life. 

Owners associate character values such as aspirations, lifestyle preferences, and social status with their houses in hopes of the house uplifting their existing conditions with respect to these values, and inversely, houses depending on the kind of owners it receives to get a value assigned to it. In the recent past, due to an increase in the number of High Net Worth Individuals, the need for luxury housing has skyrocketed.

To provide for this increasing demand for luxury integrated into the housing sector, real estate developers have put their best efforts forward to create perfect housing experiences with all essential and co-curricular requirements built into them. Other than wealth that has been on the rise since the early 2000s at a rate of 9% annually, it also the expectations of the masses as they loop in international standards of living to a country like India that still has a fair share of developing to do. 

To find the right blend, developers have fused together aspects of living with technology to create fully automated homes or smart homes whereas others have relied on tradition, family values and managed to deliver modern solutions in the form of inclusive family living experiences. 

Here are some key trends that will continue to shape the trend of luxury housing:

  1. Branded real estate projects: In Urban cities such as Delhi NCR, Mumbai there has been a rise of big names in real estate or branded organizations that are offering housing options on the promise of international standard hospitality. 

  1. Themes: Real estate projects have become themed ventures that are designed to target a specific section of society or an age group such as the DLF Camellias Gurgaon and its other properties namely Magnolias and Aralias that are all named after evergreen shrubs. 

  1. Interiors: The inside of a house is just as important as the outer features of it, especially when one speaks about luxury housing for the interiors need to represent ideals of flamboyance, elegance, and sophistication. The DLF Camellias Interior boasts of such elements and builds itself on Genius Space Planning, uncompromising Vertical Line as well as Bespoke Furniture to suit the niche of people that will be moving in. 

  1. Address and Reachability: Where a property is situated is just as important as what the property represents and a huge number of consumers prefer not having to shift to the outskirts of a city for luxury living. The DLF Camellias Gurugram address for instance gives it the benefits of location on top of the features that they offer, which makes it an undeniable option in the pricing category that it sits in. 

  1. Privacy, discretion, and exclusivity: Gone are the times wherein opulence was associated with wealth for the needs of today require a tone of understating one’s success so as to not drift too far apart from the inclusivity of society. For such a need, privacy plays a key role in defining architectural practices that will help attract and sustain future customers. 

While the Pandemic did slow down the business and create a disparity between the new age customer and luxury real estate developers, those wanting to opt for their own luxury livings now know exactly where to look and what all to consider before taking the big step. These structures exist not just for the existing set of people being able to afford it but those that aspire to be better than their previous selves and into someone whom others can look up to.

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