DIY Air Duct Cleaning

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DIY Air Duct Cleaning


In these tough times it is important to ensure that you keep your house clean and disinfected. Having clean HVAC ducts means that you and your family are going to breath in healthy air. Not everyone has the budget to ensure that get these air duct regularly as these services charge a lot. A very simple solution to this problem is that you learn some DIY techniques that could help get your air ducts cleaned. Thus it is important to get to know about the DIY Air duct cleaning techniques. So don’t miss out and read through this article to get to know about the latest techniques that are simple, effective and easy to practice.

Importance of cleaning the air pipes

Air canals are an essential item of the modern era and it is the reason because of which we have to ensure that we keep them clean. The dust particles easily get mixed up with the air and circulate in our room. This is the air we are forced to breathe forcing us into numerous problems such as skin allergies, respiratory problems. Dust particles consist of some pests and bugs that if the inhaled result in numerous health issues. The dust in the ducts gets immobile in the motor which hinders the smooth running of it. Air tube cleaning should be an important part of houses that have babies, pregnant women, people with respiratory or skin allergies because there are numerous types of bugs and pests present in the air.

Now we are well aware of the importance of regularly cleaning our air tubes we should now move on to the tips and tricks that we need to follow to ensure that we are able to clean them regularly. Before moving on to the tips and tricks we need to make sure of the fact that tips and tricks might not be effective for the industrial and commercial side as they are huge in size. Thus the manual cleaning process might not be effective.

To start off the DIY tricks we have to ensure that we need to start with vacuuming the duct with high pressure. In this technique, you will have to make sure that you are covered up with masks, gloves, and other necessary equipment as this dust could be harmful to even those who don’t have respiratory or skin issues.

Moving on to the next step which involves brushing the ducts. There are a few vacuums that come with brushes, you need to use these brush to insert into the ducts. These brushes will scrub the dust away.

When you refer to proper cleaning, it means that you need to wash the filters, vents, registers. The washing should be done inside and outside. While washing you also need to ensure that you need to clean the furnace and coil of air conditioners. These places are very important because the dust hangs strongly on to the walls.

Now moving on to the last point where you need to pour some disinfectant or any soap to the coils and the walls of the air pipes. The soap will help to scratch off the dust that is stuck on to the pipes, moreover, it will also remove the grease in the air canal. One of the effective techniques includes using bleaching powder that helps in improving greasy surfaces in the air canals.

If you don’t have bleaching powder or you are allergic to such substances, then try using baking powder. Run over to your pantry and grab the pack of baking powder. Use it in a similar way as you will use bleaching powder.


Using DIY techniques to clean air vessels is very important because not everyone can afford to hire cleaning services every two months. There are numerous homeowners who are eager to know about effective techniques that could help them clean air ducts so that they are able to do it themselves instead of paying heavy bills of cleaning services.

Additional techniques that could be used to ensure DIY duct cleaning

Cleaning ductwork is not an easy task so it is important to ensure that you devote a complete day for this task. There are a few areas that can be taken off to get more access to air tubes. It is important to go through the instructions a night before you start working on it. It is important because there are sensitive items which if damaged could cost you a lot more.

Before you start chipping off parts to gain access to parts of ductwork you need to ensure that you are properly suited with protective gear as there are a few sharp edges that could result in severe wounds. Now get hold of some sealants and biocides that could help you clean the air pipes. It is important to ensure that you are able to grab only approved cleaning materials to get effective results. If you are facing issues of odors then use baking soda to ensure that you are able to remove them completely.

At the end you need to ensure that you clean the supply and return covers before getting them replaced. You can wash them with freshwater or vacuum them to get the dust cleared. Now move on to the furnace filters and install the new ones that you have got them. Replace them only if they are completely damaged or can’t be used any further. Replacing them doesn’t completely prove to be useful thus try to clean the old ones and ensure to prolong their life.

So here were some very effective techniques that you could cash on and ensure clean and healthy air in your house without paying those heavy fees to the service providers. These techniques are highly effective and will ensure that you are able to get similar results as you will get with professional service providers. So before moving on to the cleaning grab all the protective stuff to ensure personal safety.


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