Dissertation Writing Guide: Research, Content, Writing Style, Deadline

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Dissertation Writing is one of the essential parts of the entire academic process. This is the space where you get the most fantastic opportunity to showcase your analytical and cognitive prowess and steal stellar grades by leaving a long-lasting impression on your professor's mind. But in reality, the process sometimes can get and do get complicated, and most importantly, the lack of technical know-how leads students to severe depression and anxiety. But, worry not. We are here to guide how to properly carry out the research, Write the content following the required writing styles and submit your dissertation before the deadline. If you want Dissertation Help experts to help you with your Marketing Dissertation Help, contact us directly at the British Dissertation Help.

Dissertation Writing

Dissertation Writing Guide

The following dissertation writing guide will be an excellent resource for your dissertation help. For similar tips and guides, visit our blog at the British Dissertation Help website.


Be it a scientific project or a dissertation in humanities; you need to conduct thorough research for the given topic. Here are three methods that can help you incorporate your research sources in the tome.

  • Citation: The usage of the Citation technique is simple. Repeat the original text word-for-word and include a reference to the original author in your dissertation's reference and bibliography section. This comes as considerable Dissertation Help as you do not have to worry about presenting the work in your own language. Only use the citation method if the original statement is formulated very commendably.

  • Paraphrasing: Paraphrasing is another technique popular for reproducing an argument or discussion in the Dissertation project. Here you rephrase a given passage from the original text and use your own words and sentence structures to arrange them. Paraphrasing is a method used mainly because of its straightforwardness.

  • Summarizing: This is the only process that requires higher cognitive functioning. In this method, you incorporate your research by summarizing the more extensive statement in a shorter format to explain the idea underneath the text. This Also helps shorten an unnecessarily lengthy chapter to make your document compact and to the point.


When writing the actual content, the students get the most overwhelmed. There are no templates or fill-in-the-blank mechanisms for your Dissertation Help. This part of the process requires original work. To make the process smooth. Here are some tips.

  • Choose an exciting topic: Choose the topic on your own and don't stick to the one provided by your teacher. Even if the topic is complex, you won't lose motivation to work on it.

  • Do background research: Do proper background research on the given topic. Internet is easily accessible today so that you can get plenty of resources around the web. Even the manual library method can help you gather relevant evidence for your arguments relating to the topic.

  • Create Outline: Well, this is a pro tip for strategy, even though there is no fill-in-the-blank template out there. Why not create your own with a little extra effort. Use a checklist to list all the major sections and what you wish to tell in them. Thus, you can outline your entire paper and make the task less daunting. Creating a proper outline can be an excellent Dissertation Help if you do it correctly.

  • Prepare a draft: You start writing your paper when you are done with the outline. The first draft is critical because it helps get the content down on the paper. Here, you need to maintain the flow of your argument to hook the audience stably. Once you get the momentum, the drafting process will be straightforward.

  • Edit and format your work: This step is very intuitive but crucial. Editing your first draft and formatting your writing according to your University's guidelines are vital.

  • Proofreading: When it comes to proofreading, you can do it by yourself by reading the document repeatedly or seeking professional Dissertation Help from experts like us at the British Dissertation Help.

Writing Style

There are plenty of Standard Writing Styles out there. Just know which one your University demands you to follow.

  • APA Style is a well-known style by the American Psychological Association that simplifies the editor's work. 

  • MLA Style is a style by the Moder Language Association and is widely used by top-class universities worldwide. Using this method, you can cite several kinds of sources.

Other Styles Include:

  • Chicago/CGOS Style.

  • CBE Style.

  • Harvard Style.

  • Turabian/ CMOS Style.

  • ASA Style

  • AMA Style.


  • Say no to Procrastination: The best way to avoid the crushing pressure of the deadline is to take the pressure now. Do not procrastinate and start doing something about your paper. Researching, outlining, and drafting anything will handle the process forward.

  • Write every day: Writing a small section every day will result in reducing your burden so that you can work with a free mind before the deadline without any pressure.

  • Take care of your productivity: toTo boost your productivity, start small and gain momentum. Using time management tactics like the Pomodoro timer, chunking, and grouping when you write can also be excellent Dissertation Help tools.

If the approaching deadline of your Marketing Dissertation Help is bothering you too much, why not seek the guidance of an industry expert from the British Dissertation Help. Our Dissertation Help will help you compile all the citations with the exact styles given in your University guidelines.

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