Discover How Meditation And Mindfulness Can Help You Conquer Stress and Anxiety


Are you suffering from stress and anxiety? Is your life so busy you feel like you've lost control? Discover how the ancient practice of meditation can help you combat stress and anxiety.

Success coach and author Matt O’Grady has launched a new book entitled 'Breathe', explaining the benefits of meditation and the different types of meditation commonly used.

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The new book details five different forms of meditation, and explains which may be the best for you if you are seeking relief from stress and anxiety.

Meditation is a practice in which an individual focuses their mind on a particular thought or activity in order to increase mental clarity, and achieve a calm and stable state of mindfulness. The practice is a cornerstone of several religions including Buddhism and Hinduism, and has been practiced for thousands of years.

Whilst meditation is an ancient practice, it is only in relatively recent times that modern science has explored the potential health benefits. Studies have shown meditation can have a variety of benefits, including: reducing stress and anxiety, increased immunity, reduced depression, and increased productivity.

As the modern world has seen ever busier lives for many of us, phrases such as ‘time-poor’ have become commonplace in recent years. Busier lives often result in more stress and anxiety, and an increasing number of people are turning to meditation as a form of stress relief. Since 2012, the number of people practicing meditation in the US has tripled, and it is now the second most popular form of mind-body activity, behind yoga.

In the new book, Matt details five different forms of meditation in an easy-to-understand manner for those who are new to the practice. The book details the process and purpose of each form of meditation, and aims to offer a variety of meditation practices to assist people in identifying which is best for them.

Matt O’Grady studied Psychology at Hofstra University, is a Certified Holistic Health practitioner from the Mueller Holistic College. He is a business, fulfillment and success coach, as well as author of several books.

He said: “We’ve all heard that meditation leads to greater mental clarity, lower levels of stress, and reduced anxiety, and yet the idea of it is still so foreign for many. With all of us living through a worldwide pandemic and knowing that meditation can boost immunity, I think it is more important than ever before. I am on a mission to change that and make meditation easier and more accessible to as many people as possible.”

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