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by Mitchell Kapadia Founder @ Pinnacle Webs

Small as well as medium businesses are affected by the rise of the global Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, marketing for b2b is becoming more essential because online demand is growing daily. Whether you are working with a new or old marketing campaign, there are always new ways to improvise and revamp your digital marketing strategies.

Small and medium enterprises ensure the benefits of digital marketing by delivering results and higher conversion rates with better revenue growth through its marketing strategies. It is not an easy task to top the industry you are working with. For this reason, you need to have comprehensive strategic plans that will help you to market your products and services in a better way.

Looking ahead in 2020, a major challenge for every industry is to succeed! If you too are struggling with the same thing, then we have some really good ideas for you to have a look at here.


Expand your ways of communication

With the changing technological world, every industry needs to bring new variations with ongoing trends. Similarly, if you want to succeed in online marketing for b2b then you have to make your presence known in digital marketing communities. 

Social Media is a never-ending process for consumers. People nowadays are doing more research for the brands and companies they follow. So, make sure that you have multiple accounts to target and engage more potential customers on every platform. 

You need to expand your ways of communication to strengthen your digital marketing strategies. The traditional retail stores are still engaging the customers through their direct services. But, there are still these kinds of customers whom you can attract by your personal touch. 

Find innovative ways to engage them by replying through comments on their reviews and answering their questions on various social media platforms. 

Studies show that before customers finally decide to purchase a product or service online, they go through at least six channels. Hence, focus on different digital channels. This will get you traffic from all the platforms and not just a particular one. Moreover, it will also help you to not lose opportunities coming from various channels because 70-80% of the customers are highly equipped in researching their products available at online channels. 

So, expand your communication growth by engaging with such potential customers. This will be helpful to you in generating better results for digital marketing strategies for small businesses.

Make use of video marketing

The video was one of the popular digital marketing strategies in 2019 and will become more popular in the coming years. This is becoming one of the most effective tools in the marketing field. 

While achieving more leads and attracting more customers on social media is hard work, however, the video makes your work easy. 

Ensure that while doing everything to achieve the potential lead, you are not skipping the time of making more video advertisements which is necessary. 

One more benefit of using video marketing is that more than half of the direct traffic comes from video content now. Video helps you to include and explain all the trending and popular topics in an easy way. 

You can cover all the minute details and information in the video you want to provide to your potential customers. 

The future of digital marketing is visual and all the video graphics elements in your content can help you to increase your audience by 90%. This will assist in generating more views on your website and engage the target audience. 

There are ample options available for a video that include tutorials, testimonials, project presentations, commercial advertisements, and many more. Try to have more relevant and compelling videos and pictures to have the higher rankings of your web pages, says Searchmetrics. 

Keep your content updated

Never forget the content already you have published. 

Keep updating it periodically. This will keep your google ranking higher most of the time. It never costs you more to change and refresh the old content. 

It is considered one of the best and successful digital marketing strategies used by most of all the digital marketing strategists

Going through all the articles and pages individually and updating them, one can see a huge increase in organic ranking. And can lead to website traffic and new customers. 

In this vast competitive digital world, usual or common types of content will not deliver results. So, you must develop extra-ordinary content that will help you reach your target audience who will certainly read it and then share it with others. 

In digital marketing for b2b, develop your own content marketing strategies which will ultimately give you certain benefits of digital marketing such as higher conversion rates, more engagement with potential customers, huge website traffic, more viewers and readers, etc. 

Always remember that “Content is King”. And So, make sure your content has all the necessary keywords and that you are providing valuable answers in your articles and blog posts. 

Emphasize on Local SEO

This is the time where people now search for a business or a product by typing “near me”. The word helps them to find not only just where to go but also what they need. 

So, the challenge today for digital marketers is to ensure that they are providing people the answers they are looking for as quickly as possible. 

Hence, prioritizing local SEO is becoming very essential so that you may not lack behind in the market. 

Localizing the SEO will help you to reach the target audience more easily and with the rise of voice search, such localized search will become far more important in the near future. This is because search engines have started providing precise and relevant location-based services to their audience. 

Most of the people search for services or products from the local vendors or shops. Hence, your website must be optimized for mobile users and provide the voice recognition feature as well.

Hire a digital marketing strategist

A world-renowned digital marketing strategist, Neil Patel says that companies spend the majority of their budget on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. 

This shows that the chief benefits of digital marketing lie in investing in it which ultimately provides outstanding results. 

It requires keen planning and execution to assure that each step you take is advantageous. When you have ongoing and trending campaigns, still you may not get the desired results without a specialized and experienced person. 

There could be some flaws that you will not understand. The process can be tedious and can cost you a fortune. For this, you must hire a professional digital marketing strategist in order to manage and maintain the marketing campaign.

Hiring a specialist is always the best way to achieve your goals as they are capable of fixing all the problems in a timely manner. Pinnacle Webs is one such Columbus digital marketing agency to contact an expert digital marketing strategist.

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