Digital Demand Generation – 10 Tips and Strategies for 2021

by Doreen B. Trying to make the best out of me

In the highly saturated online marketplace today, digital demand generation has emerged as a winning strategy. Especially if you are looking to make your mark as a start-up, demand generation can help you target the right audience. In the digital space, this primarily involves directing relevant web traffic towards your website and social media pages. Based on your business pattern and offerings, it could result in direct online conversions or leads to be pursued eventually. 

Here are ten effective tips and strategies for businesses to steer a successful digital demand generation campaign in 2021:

Strive for Higher Organic Search Rankings

Organic SEO is the apex of digital demand generation. It can be tempting to invest more in paid search. After all, the results (if any) are immediately visible, and it is a small, one-time expense. On the other hand, organic SEO is a long-term process involving a holistic understanding of search behaviour and Google algorithms. In the long run, it can generate a steady stream of relevant visitors to your website without any paid search.

Focus on Connecting with Local Clients

For B2B businesses, connecting with other businesses in their vicinity is the best way to strike up new collaborations. Irrespective of your business having a single-city or multiple-cities presence, local SEO is excellent for boosting your online visibility. You can also reach out to potential local clients on social media. Furthermore, ensure that you are listed on all the relevant local trade directories.

Tailor Content as per your Sales Funnel

Content for leads at the top of the sales funnel is very different from those in the middle or bottom. You need to tailor your content for every stage of the sales funnels accordingly. For the initial phases, interactive and informational content creation is paramount. Focus on creating well-researched infographics and informative whitepapers on the latest developments in your industry. The content marketing mantra is towards the middle of the funnel, educating leads about your brand without being pushy. As one approaches deal-closure, now is the time to pitch sales-centric, engaging content.

Retargeting in the Digital Space

Conventional retargeting involves follow-up/after-sales phone calls on new offers and loyalty discounts. Retargeting in digital demand generation involves website cookies, personalized email marketing, and social media communication.

Host Digital Events centred on your ICP

When you plan and organize virtual B2B marketing events, ensure your entire team has received briefs about your ICP. The ideal client persona is crucial for a B2B marketer. Be it sending out invites, devising lead magnets, or events content-creation, the needs/preferences of your ICP are paramount.

Focus on Content Syndication

Content Syndication will ensure niche targeting and distribution of your content. In other words, it will ensure that your content is reaching the right audience at the right time. Your database should lead you to the relevant company decision-makers and guide you on using the right platforms.

Cash in on Affiliate Marketing

When you have made your mark in your industry, you can always initiate an affiliate marketing program. This approach will give third parties the onus of promoting your B2B offerings on a commission basis. Also, this will levitate your digital demand generation and bolster your online reach.

Walking the Social Media Tightrope

A strategic mix of paid social and organic social works best in terms of your social media marketing. Leaning heavily on either side is not recommended for B2B businesses today.

Use the Right Metrics and KPIs

Tracking the right measurable is vital for your demand generation campaign to stay on track and attain success. From funnel conversion rates to close rates and cost per acquisition, make sure you track judiciously and regularly.

Collaborate with a B2B Demand Generation Professional

As a business owner, if you cannot devote much time or attention to demand generation, outsourcing is a good option. Specialized marketing agencies with AI-run databases are helping upcoming B2B businesses to get high ROI from their digital marketing campaigns.


B2B demand generation has evolved rapidly in the last decade. The advent of AI-based technology and the rapid digitization of businesses have helped this change. Businesses are adopting a high-productive, data-driven approach towards sales and marketing instead of the hit-or-miss, top-down approach. Also, the digital spaces are flooded with marketers scrambling for user attention. The aforementioned demand generation strategies can help you leverage your expertise and boost your lead generation process.

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