Different ways to brew coffee

by Brian Wallace Affiliate Marketing
In the USA the coffee makers are widespread and allow people to brew different kinds of coffee at home - plain black coffee, cappuccino or others, and the more adventurous people can go to specialty coffee shops. But to enrich your own coffee experience and to get to know more about different cultures you could try different coffee either at home or at your local coffee shop. You could even ask your barista about green coffee beans - you might buy them yourself or ask the barista to roast them, so you could experiment with the coffee beans you liked at home. For now, let us get a glimpse of different coffee consumption methods.
Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee so it doesn’t come as a surprise that a wide variety of coffee preparations are practiced here. In addition to the traditional Turkish coffee brewing method, which involves a metallic cezve, Ethiopia also has a popular coffee brewing method using an utensil called "jebena". The Jebena is typically made from clay or ceramic and has a distinct shape - it features a wide base, a long neck, and a spout for pouring. To prepare coffee using a Jebena, firstly you make your coffee beans finely ground. Then you mix them with water in Jebena and place it over a heat source: a charcoal stove or an open flame. The Jebena is removed from the heat once the coffee is ready, and it is customary to pour the coffee into small cups called "cini" to be enjoyed by family and friends. Ethiopian coffee usually has fruity and fruity flavor, and the Jebena brewing method is known for producing a rich, flavorful coffee with a distinct taste. The coffee is often served with sugar or in some cases, salt, and may be accompanied by traditional Ethiopian snacks or bread.
Vietnamese coffee called "cà phê đá" is prepared with a filter cup called "phin". Robusta coffee beans are mainly grown in Vietnam and they have a more acidic taste in comparison with Arabica coffee, so the coffee must be tremendously sweetened. Once it's ready the coffee is mixed with condensed milk and served with plenty of ice, creating a refreshing and sweet drink. Morocco can give you such a unique coffee experience as mint coffee, or "nus-nus". It is prepared by mixing espresso with hot milk and adding fresh mint, which gives the drink a refreshing flavor.  In Tunisia traditional coffee, or "kahwa", is made in a copper coffee pot. Coffee is brewed with aromatic
spices such as cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. Kenyan coffee is often made using the filter brew method. It has a special aroma and bright sourness. The coffee ceremony is also popular in Kenyan culture, during which coffee is prepared with traditional rituals.
These are just some examples of the different ways coffee is prepared in different countries. Each method has its own characteristics and gives coffee a unique taste and aroma, reflecting the cultural traditions and preferences of peoples.

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